Friday, September 30, 2022

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Angels and Guides

Hey guys, Hope you are all enjoying your week. We felt called to talk about the topic spirit guides and inter-dimensional beings! Pete as a child had a “pretend” friend and used to sit and eat with him and play with him.. as we awakened we realised it was a pleiadian guide who was helping him on his journey here! For me Roxy – i always felt there was someone looking through the window at me when […]

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Spirit Guides: What are Helper Guides? | Sonia Choquette

Sonia Choquette is here to talk about one of the most helpful Spirit Guides at your disposal: Helper Guides! ✅ Consult your guides free now! 👉 Today I want to talk to you about spirit guides, which we all have, but in particular Helper Guides. God knows we need help in everything we do and Helper Guides are here to help! Helper Guides are like the volunteer corp of the spirit divine support system. They rotate in […]

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Spirit Guides: What Are They and What Do They Do?

What is a spirit guide and what do they do? Watch this video to learn about the spiritual team that helps you through this life! Please leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts! 🌟 Evil Eye Protection bracelets: Pendulums I own: 🌟Pendulum set: 🌟Amethyst : 🌟Onyx : 🌟Rose Quartz : 🌟Lapis : 🌟Clear Quartz : 💖 For smudging: ☯ White Sage: ☯ Palo Santo: ☯ Sweet Grass: ☯ Abalone shell with stand and feather: […]

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How to Make Contact With Your Spirit Guides!

You can absolutely connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels in a profound way when you learn this practice that really works! If you’ve wanted to open up communication with your Spirit Guides, but haven’t really be able to, be sure to watch this entire video, because in it I reveal a proven technique (and then walk you through connecting with spirit guides. This will work for you if you put in the time and effort to […]

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3 Truths About Spirit Guides No One Tells You (and How to Connect to Them)

➡ For my Meditation MP3 on raising your vibrational set-point Click Below… ➡ ➡For my 7 Day Law of Attraction Morning routine Course Click below ➡ ➡Click here for the Law of Attraction Accelerator Program (limited discount) ➡ This video will show you 3 Truths About Spirit Guides No One Tells You. Transcript below…… This video is going to show you three truths about spirit guides that nobody tells you. I’m going to share with you this […]

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12 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Communicate With You

Do you ever feel that there’s a spiritual force watching over you? Have you ever felt a presence trying to contact you? It may be your spirit guide trying to send you a message and protect you. All of us have at least one spirit guide who is dedicated to help us in every situation and walk down the right path. Now let us understand what a spirit guide actually means. In this video, we are going […]

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