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12 Signs Your Spirit Guides Are Trying To Communicate With You

Do you ever feel that there’s a spiritual force watching over you?
Have you ever felt a presence trying to contact you?
It may be your spirit guide trying to send you a message and protect you.

All of us have at least one spirit guide who is dedicated to help us in every situation and walk down the right path.
Now let us understand what a spirit guide actually means.

In this video, we are going to talk about some of the most common signs that you need to look out for when your spirit guides are trying to communicate with you.

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Voice over Artist- Candice Christina

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  • 5:30 omg I realized just now that yesterday I found a white feather in my shoe?? I was so confused and asked my brother how this feather can be in my shoe. That makes me so happy rn! 🙂

  • Well I guess my spirit guide left me. I never experienced any of this.

  • Wow, this is really great! I have experienced most of these signs over the years. Thanks

  • New subscriber from Philippines ❤️

  • The claimant spirit guide has to surrender to me . That's the only way out ! 😂 I am cumbersome spirit guide . So do the needful .

  • Like when I sit down I have goosebumps out of nowhere it’s like a shiver just go down my body

  • It’s a funny occurrence but, A very specific song plays on my phone. Same song every time. The song resonates with a man I’m waiting for.
    What is my guide telling me?

  • At night I get strong vision that makes my eyes flicker and I hear my name being called over and over .. what does that mean? Abd music that’s really loud sometimes that nobody else can hear
    And I could smell a soap my grandad used once was odd .. was very strong

  • I used to be into this side of spirituality before I found the truth and because of my lack of knowledge on the spiritual side I was very trusting of many spirits but seriously just cos a spirit treats you right doesn’t mean they’re good why would evil show you their true colours straight away obviously they’d wanna trick you into thinking they are good so you trust them and then once they have your trust it’s easy for them to take you down a path full of deception and distractions to keep you from finding the truth like a lot of things wether physical or spiritual different activities have demonic spirits linked to them and when you get into certain things you are actually opening yourself up to these malevolent beings and the more you communicate with them the more likely it’ll be that you are deceived by them because these beings have been around for thousands of years they not only have a lot of knowledge about humans and the way we work but they also have had a lot of practice with different tools of deception and knowing what buttons to push to get the outcome they want and trust me they actually do have an agenda and they take it seriously it’s not in their nature to be nice it’s in their nature to deceive just because things have been going well for you doesn’t mean a high level or spiritual influence hasn’t been going on in your and others lives to keep you doing what you’re doing and not question a change of spiritual path but maybe you should maybe you should start doing things different for a while and see if these so called guides will stick with you if you really do wanna test them turn to Jesus and see how they like that

  • When I went to my grandpas funeral I kept smelling this random scent & it’s been a couple years we moved into the new house I started to smell the same scent in my bedroom..

  • Ive gotten the chills before but only during deep thought not in a long time and I have not experienced sudden change in the air making it feel funky in a long time which might be more along the line of earthbound ghost activity or its spirit guides idk and ive experienced being led

  • Lead with your heart
    Let your gut be your advisor
    And let your mind and soul find a point to agree on
    You will feel the universe speak to you almost constantly, the almost accounting for the moments where you get caught up in the present moment of reality, which is needed. Sometimes we must ground ourselves.

  • I won't lie the DEAD AKA VEGETA AND A FEW OTHERS SHOWED ME WHO I AM. While I was in astral form and also with remote viewing.

  • This happened about a month ago. This really happened, there was other stuff but its do much to put in a text

  • Is it possible to have your guardian angel! Come In as a human being?? I had a bump in with a older Gentlemen, he was as white as a ghost and he came to meet me in a parking lot just outside a convenient store, write after my friend died? A week actually now that I think of it? And he knew a lot about ! Well he talked alot about things that happened and what was going on and the future! But like things that he experienced, but OMG, only I knew about that stuff?? But I only realized that now, I was on my bike and he was driving, as I left he promised to call me! And I tried to follow him and the car vanished!! I swear to GOD I should of seen the somehow a direction where he was going and I was in close site of the car? And it was gone ?? Honestly it was gone????? So many things that night only I and my best friend knew???

  • I have noticed signs that something is trying to contact me. I just don't know what it is. All I know is around my family a strong feeling comes over me, trying to get me to shut my mouth. Sometimes I feel something is around me. I can't see it, but it can see me. Sometimes I feel like I'm being guided by someone I can't see or hear. I feel something is near me, but I don't know who to talk to about this.

  • I’ve been having the most vivid dreams- touches-seeing the word luminous on this video- I think I’ve seen or heard signs

  • Once i wanted to go hiking on a mountain with my sis but the day before i had a bad feeling about it but I didn’t really listen… still the day before: i watched a video on yt and replayed bcus didn’t pay attention.. then felt the urge to google sb famous, clicked on a pick, person had a tattoo saying warning. Same moment i read it it was said in the video. Still wanted to go but in the middle of the night my sis called she’s too tired…
    Maybe sth bad would’ve happened..🤷‍♀️

  • wow spirit guides are really ineffective if they are merely trying huh? what advantage could they have then if they cant surely contact the person then? some people are soooo gullible they believe any made up crap! charlatans!!!! good guides must be hard to find!! i think prudence should be used when dabbling with invisible forces we know nothing about…personally i would not recommend you open yourself up to anything…many regret doing such things…just saying! If we need protection from spirit guides…what are they to protect us from then? again…i wouldnt play with such things…you cant know who u might be interacting with until its too late…and your affected for the rest of your life or longer!!! ill deal with the physical because its where i exist for now…anything outside of the physical should not concern us….we will find out when we are meant to if at all!! life is hard enough without getting touched by things unseen…you cant trust people standing right in front of you…so imagine how much less you can trust spiritual contacts of any kind! NO TY!!! I will keep trusting in my Lord Jesus Christ…my Savior for His guidance….The Only Spirit is the Holy Spirit of God Almighty that i want and trust …not some unknown force playing with my mind and spirit! i think you should also start there…make sure any contact proclaims Jesus is Lord…and no one else! you cant know what or who you might be letting into your life! Its NOT worth the risk imo!!! Pray the Father God Almighty for only His truth and Protection in the name of his beloved Son Jesus Christ Our Savior! God Bless all those who are searching for Truth in this crazy world we live in! Maybe you are reading this for the true reason you ended up on this site!

  • What if I can see handprint and fingerprints on my window and bright shiny white/gold light flashes blinking/flickering. One time at night when I cycled home I look left at the forest I saw a huge shiny bright glowing ghostly grey wolf with red eyes looking at me with open mouth, it was like sprinting. It was taller then the trees and about 200m long.

  • I believe in spiritual guides, experience it myself and Definitely answered them all. And payed attention

  • Since I can vividly remember being a in my preteen/teen years I’ve always felt like a male energy near me way before I even started to believe in spirits and other paranormal stuff. Even several years ago after learning about spirit guides I still had this hunch that it has to be this male figure near me. I started meditating a lot I would have visions , see orbs shadows having light touches mainly my foot lol cause I usually meditated in bed etc. One meditation I was listening to binaural beats with wired headphones. All of the sudden I hear a mans voice saying “now remove ya headphones” (kinda sounded like how u think a God would sound like lol ). I was like waittt this isn’t a guided meditation… and I had the binaural beats on repeat…. So I was like okay im going to listen and remove my headphones. It was sooooo hard to remove my headphones I felt like wolverine and everyone in that movie LOGAN whenever professor X had his seizures. The sound and everything was the same. It felt like I was ripping through a layer of dimension. Then when I finally got it off my ears I sat up and put it up to my ears and realized it still was playing the binaural beats checked my phone it said binaural beats , fast forward through it was no voice on it. Even the next song and before song was more binaural beats just in case

    Then when I was pregnant with my first son it seemed like everything heightened I even believe some stuff was my son communicating with me. I woke up to this huge white orb one night after 5 sec it shot up through the ceiling.

    One day waiting in the car for my bf. I was soooo distressed thought I didn’t have health insurance like how was I’m going to pay for my medical bills and the birth of my son. Out of nowhere I hear a monotone male voice different from the first male voice. He said “you got it”. I was shocked and amazed I literally heard a voice that wasn’t mine in my head lol literally a day after that I got a call from the insurance company saying “ma’am you still have insurance “ lol

    Recent I got a couple of readings done didn’t tell them no details and at different times. They both said I actually have a few guides around me but the main ones are these two males one is like the main one while the others are helpers. And I have a female energy one who comes to me when I’m feeling down. I don’t have a real mom figure in my life so I come off as masculine on the outside but I’m truly feminine & sensitive and wish I had a real mom. I feel like this guide feels that void.

  • I sometimes feels like someone would sit on the edge of my bed.

  • When I meditate I get chills a lot. I’ll see the number 333 or 11:11 and I found a baby fluffy white feather in my top drawer

  • I have really vivid dreams that come true the next day. Like a lot.

  • I was sadly going through a divorce. My ex's uncle had passed away. For care & respect, I was attending his services even though the cathedral was more than an hour away. My work had me putting in long hours, I would repeatedly play the song "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart as my song to him for his grandchildren (it was one of my favorites for my children). The night came and I was driving by myself, I was crying and talking to him, telling him he would now understand what happened for us to divorce. After 40minutes of driving in silence and in prayer, I turned on the radio – the song was "Forever Young" by Rod Stewart. What was even more astonishing was the radio station was 99.9 and at that time it was not a station I listened to or had programmed to my car. I felt a profound sense of peace. I lost all sense of feeling uneasy attending by myself. I had forgotten about this until now. Thank you my spirit guides, I love you.

  • Sometimes I have heard my name being called when I am completely alone. Also I have received white feathers .I believe in spirit guides.

  • Well said..Everything you said is true from my own experiences. This is an audio message from my Guardian Angel Solara. He responded "He said to say Hi"

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