Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Angels and Guides

Hey guys,

Hope you are all enjoying your week. We felt called to talk about the topic spirit guides and inter-dimensional beings!

Pete as a child had a “pretend” friend and used to sit and eat with him and play with him.. as we awakened we realised it was a pleiadian guide who was helping him on his journey here!

For me Roxy – i always felt there was someone looking through the window at me when i was sleeping. It caused me a little stress, hiding under the blankets as a little girl.. now i can see and understand this consciosuness i realise it was the ETs, pleiadian beings – my soul family helping guide me and activate my DNA… i was also involved in a hybrid program which was non invasive that they were appearing for!

So in this video we share our experience and what guides are and how to navigate finding and reconizging these guides.

Sending lots of love to you,

Pete and Roxy xx
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  • LOVE this video… 💜💜💜

  • I started awakening for the past 2 yrs but going to higher consciousness was only in Feb. I have experienced being teleported to the ship and I was in a Medbed. An Andromedan showed up in my vision and I was not scared, it was a blue being. I also experienced being a light that was in a battle and after that vision, I was exhausted and got sick so I asked to be healed. I also saw my dragon and it was pink and purple and saw myself riding it and I had an Avatar. Pretty wild stuff!

  • Was a great healing Session on Eskils Galactic Fed ship. Love to be there every night during sleep and healing. Thank you for granting me this Star brothers and Sisters ❤️. God‘s blessing ❤️.

  • thank you Pete and Roxy

  • Thank You 🙏! 🙏❤️😘🥰🥳 Speaking with Roxy, you told me that I was on Lemuria. I still cannot remember. I am working on trying to open the memory! I want to remove the veil! Any suggestions are appreciated! 🙏❤️

  • Yay! I love to see you guys around this time (passed 11pm my time). I'm running behind because I've normally already gone outside by now but my AC went out lastnight so had the AC guy out today along with working online and having the boy home for summer break. Funny thing was I wasn't even upset about the AC going out during this Texas summer heat. I knew everything would work.
    Since I've had memory issues for such a long time I can't say that I remember much of this type of thing except being very young and having the flashing lights type things flying all around my room at night. But it's all good.
    I do know that I see them everywhere now though. Today was a very busy day for them for sure. Saw these beautiful various rainbow type colors a couple of times today.
    Much love to you both as well as the entire family. ✌️❤️🌏⚖️🙏♾️

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