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三分钟带你认识区块链 What is Blockchain?【柴知道ChaiKnows】【科普Science】【冷知识Trivia】

最近,区块链成了一个人人都在谈论,却又没几个人说得清的东西。区块链是什么?有什么用?它和比特币之间又有什么关系?大佬们都在说的“去中心化”“链式存储”都是什么意思?这个3分钟的视频,或许可以让你对区块链有更多的了解。 实时更新,欢迎订阅!Real-time updates. Subscribe!▶ 🎥柴知道热门视频🔥 【8分钟速读《极简欧洲史》丨The Shortest History of Europe】 【为什么固态硬盘要倒退式发展?Why is the SSD developing reversely?】 【4分钟了解围棋规则丨How to Play Go ?】 💡柴知道科普系列▶ 📘柴知道读书系列▶ ============= 一起在知识的海洋里狗刨吧~Let’s play together in the ocean of knowledge~ #柴知道 #ChaiKnows Source link

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Mining Bitcoin With Natural Gas For A Clean Crypto Future | Business of Climate Change | Forbes

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology that underlies it is responsible for creating assets worth billions of dollars, but the digital “mining” of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is an energy intensive process requiring thousands of computers.  But the energy geared towards mining cryptocurrency doesn’t necessarily have to harm the environment. Some cryptocurrencies are moving towards forms of mining that are less energy-intensive. Others have protocols that require the use of renewable energy.  Miners producing Bitcoin and similar cryptocurrencies […]

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How To Make Cryptocurrency Website In HTML CSS JS | Add Cryptocurrency Price On Website

Learn How To Make Cryptocurrency Website In HTML CSS and JavaScript | Display Cryptocurrency Price On Website using HTML CSS & JavaScript ❤️ SUBSCRIBE: In this video we will create a website header section with HTML and CSS. On this website we will display the live price of the cryptocurrency with free api, we will display the price of cryptocurrency with the help of JavaScript and jQuery. Watch this video to build your own cryptocurrency website step […]

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Why crypto regulation is doomed to fail | Marit Hansen | TEDxKielUniversity

The Data Protection Commissioner of Schleswig-Holstein, Marit Hansen, explains what crypto is, how it works and why crypto regulations are doomed to fail. Video production by Since 2015 Marit Hansen is the Data Protection Commissioner of Land Schleswig-Holstein and Chief of “Unabhängiges Landeszentrum für Datenschutz (ULD)”. Before being appointed Data Protection Commissioner, she was Deputy Commissioner for seven years. Within ULD she established the “Privacy Technology Projects” Division and the “Innovation Centre Privacy & Security”. Since […]

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CRYPTO MINING, WAT is het en HOE begin je zelf? | TechTime

Wat is Crypto Mining en hoe begin je zelf? In deze video leg ik je uit wat het is en hoe je kan starten. Tikken we de 300 likes aan? Nicehash: Wij gebruiken muziek van Epidemicsound: (ad) Gebruik code TTM20 for 20% Off bij ! Windows 10 Key (13 EUR): Office 2016 Key (39 EUR): Office 2019 (38 EUR): Social media: Discord: Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: Volg Marco! Twitter: Twitch: TechTime maakt gebruik van affiliatielinks. Door middel […]

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Why Self-Regulation May Be More Important Than Literacy | Alissa Antle | TEDxSFU

Dr. Antle brings to our attention the idea that perhaps what is preventing children in developing regions from learning is not the lack of schools, but instead, the inability to self-regulate due to experienced traumas. She explains how the headset and app technology she developed teaches children how to self-regulate and how this has, and will, have a profound influence on how children are able to learn across all parts of the world. Dr. Antle pushes the […]

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Blockchain: Más allá del bitcoin | José Juan Mora | TEDxSevilla

Exposición que explica los motivos por los que blockchain será el protocolo que dominará las comunicaciones comerciales del futuro así como su origen a partir de las implementaciones de bitcoin y otras monedas virtuales. Socio de Kolokium, una de las primeras empresas españolas dedicadas al desarrollo de aplicaciones en torno a Blockchain. Tengo la enorme fortuna de haber estado los últimos 15 años trabajando en mi hobby, las tecnologías relacionadas con los sistemas de información. De mi […]

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What is blockchain and how can it change our society? | Ali Raza Dar | TEDxFHNW

We’ve all heard the stories about the emerging technologies of blockchain, but what is blockchain exactly and how will it change how things work? Find out about the importance, future and advantages of blockchain in this TEDx Talk. Ali is a highly motivated and energetic Master Student of Computer Science as well as a Software Engineering Graduate. Ali Dar is a highly motivated and energetic Master Student of Computer Science at the University of Zurich as well […]

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