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三分钟带你认识区块链 What is Blockchain?【柴知道ChaiKnows】【科普Science】【冷知识Trivia】

最近,区块链成了一个人人都在谈论,却又没几个人说得清的东西。区块链是什么?有什么用?它和比特币之间又有什么关系?大佬们都在说的“去中心化”“链式存储”都是什么意思?这个3分钟的视频,或许可以让你对区块链有更多的了解。 实时更新,欢迎订阅!Real-time updates. Subscribe!▶ 🎥柴知道热门视频🔥 【8分钟速读《极简欧洲史》丨The Shortest History of Europe】 【为什么固态硬盘要倒退式发展?Why is the SSD developing reversely?】 【4分钟了解围棋规则丨How to Play Go ?】 💡柴知道科普系列▶ 📘柴知道读书系列▶ ============= 一起在知识的海洋里狗刨吧~Let’s play together in the ocean of knowledge~ #柴知道 #ChaiKnows Source link

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The Art of Co-Regulation | Rabia Ahmed | TEDxBrandmanUniversity

This idea is important to share with others because it is not commonly known and is worth spreading because of its potential to improve lives. This presentation asks people to be more intentional in their interactions with others; particularly teaching people to be present and converse in a manner that is fully attentive of the internal states of those involved. I want the listeners of this talk to walk away with the understanding of how crucial it […]

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