Monday, May 20, 2024

Why Self-Regulation May Be More Important Than Literacy | Alissa Antle | TEDxSFU

Dr. Antle brings to our attention the idea that perhaps what is preventing children in developing regions from learning is not the lack of schools, but instead, the inability to self-regulate due to experienced traumas. She explains how the headset and app technology she developed teaches children how to self-regulate and how this has, and will, have a profound influence on how children are able to learn across all parts of the world.

Dr. Antle pushes the boundaries of computation to expand the ways we think and learn. As a designer and builder of interactive technologies, her goal is to explore the way in which these innovations can improve, augment, and support children’s development. Her interactive technologies have been deployed to facilitate collaborative learning about aboriginal heritage, sustainability and social justice; improve learning outcomes for dyslexic children; and teach self-regulation to disadvantaged children.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


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  • I applaud this technology. However, there is in your presentation either by cognitive dissonance, omission, or lack of time a TREMENDOUS LACUNA (Gap) which skews the underlying situations that produce PTSD and the various levels of associated perpetual hypervigilance that promotes either intentional or unwittingly a fatally flawed perception! It is NOT that children have to learn how to self-regulate and manage their internal neurophysiology but rather immediately, precisely and more profoundly the external cause/ conditions that are relentlessly visited upon them, SPECIFICALLY Neglect and Abuse by their primary caregivers and extended family) need to be addressed. They need to FEEL externally safe and protected rather than merely manage their internal physiology. They need to FEEL PROTECTED and NURTURED in their EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT by non-abusive parent practices, otherwise they are controlling admittedly however effective and valuable internal symptomatology. Let's be perfectly clear, it is the EXTERNAL STATES of NON-NURTURANCE (insecure avoidant attachment, let alone neglect and abuse) that specifically and directly in most if not ALL cases creates the overactive amygdala and associated subcortical dominance. To merely address as you do here children effectively cpntrolling/regulating/calming their internal physiological states without addresing the latter is sheer folly, however, unintended!

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