Sunday, September 25, 2022

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Is $10,000 Bitcoin Price the Next Stop? Gareth Soloway Breaks it Down | Stansberry Research

“The governments around the globe are going to have to start taking away money from the system instead of pumping it in,” says Gareth Soloway, president and CFO of “Bitcoin is like a risk-on asset so it’s treated like a tech stock,” he says to our Daniela Cambone, as he sees a bearish decline for the crypto as a massive buying opportunity, “on the way down.” Investors have to take a longer-term view of bitcoin investing, […]

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Raoul Pal: MASS-SCALE Adoption of Cryptocurrency Happening! Bitcoin, Crypto Prices Set To Spike!

We speak to Raoul Pal, founder and CEO of Global Macro Investor. He discusses his advice for new investors seeking to enter the cryptocurrency world and gives his forecast for Bitcoin and other crypto prices, how cryptocurrency is the fastest-adopted technology in history, the coming war to regulate cryptocurrency in the US, the first Bitcoin ETF and what it means for the crypto world and much more! #Crypto #Bitcoin #Cryptocurrency LIKE Going Underground FOLLOW Going Underground FOLLOW […]

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DO NOT Buy Bitcoin (URGENT Crypto Message 2021), bitcoin price prediction

Bitcoin: DO NOT Buy Bitcoin (URGENT Crypto Message 2021) Why you shouldn’t buy Bitcoin right now.. Today I give you sound advice for getting into cryptocurrency. This crypto advice will give you guidance on buying Bitcoin and why you might want to avoid doing this right now. I’ll give you my EXACT reasons why you shouldn’t buy Bitcoin right now and what you might want to do instead. What’s going to happen in the crypto market in […]

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How Do Cryptocurrencies Work & Gain Value? | Cryptocurrency Explained For Beginners | CP B&W

Have you ever wondered how cryptocurrencies work and how they gain their value or price? This video demonstrates a simple thought experiment to show you how the crypto you own, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) or Ripple (XRP) gets its price. if you’re a beginner to crypto and cryptocurrencies, this video is for you! ======================================== Earn yourself $25 FREE by signing up to and staking CRO for a Crypto debit card. ( I’ll also get […]

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