Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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HUGE Moment for Bitcoin (Watch the BTC Price TONIGHT!!!)

Today we are talking all about Bitcoin. The BTC price is hovering around $60K and looks like it could be going down. Many people expected the Bitcoin ETF approval to shoot the price of Bitcoin to the moon, but we haven’t seen this to be true. In fact, the weekly BTC charts are showing that Bitcoin is actually bearish. We are at an important moment as we await the weekly close. Watch the Bitcoin price closely tonight! […]

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DO NOT Buy Bitcoin (URGENT Crypto Message 2021), bitcoin price prediction

Bitcoin: DO NOT Buy Bitcoin (URGENT Crypto Message 2021) Why you shouldn’t buy Bitcoin right now.. Today I give you sound advice for getting into cryptocurrency. This crypto advice will give you guidance on buying Bitcoin and why you might want to avoid doing this right now. I’ll give you my EXACT reasons why you shouldn’t buy Bitcoin right now and what you might want to do instead. What’s going to happen in the crypto market in […]

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