Thursday, July 18, 2024

How Do Cryptocurrencies Work & Gain Value? | Cryptocurrency Explained For Beginners | CP B&W

Have you ever wondered how cryptocurrencies work and how they gain their value or price?

This video demonstrates a simple thought experiment to show you how the crypto you own, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) or Ripple (XRP) gets its price. if you’re a beginner to crypto and cryptocurrencies, this video is for you!


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Hi. I’m Peter Bryant – the Crypto Professor. No, unfortunately, I am not yet a ‘real’ professor (but my Master’s in Psychology is excellent for trading!). I do have ‘real world’ experience in helping investors with their crypto.

My experiences at an alternative investment firm convinced me that anyone can be profitable with crypto. This channel exists to teach you to profit & avoid the many pitfalls. Whether you’re a speculator, blockchain enthusiast or developer, I hope to provide frequent inspiration, critical analysis, & a healthy dose of critical thinking to the newest, hottest & most profitable asset class ever.

If you prefer the more popular coins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) or Ripple (XRP), great! However, there are a lot of tokens that I am very excited about, such as Syscoin (SYS), Dragonchain (DRGN) or chain (CRO). Watch my weekly in-depth analysis into different crypto called ‘InCrypto InDepth’ for updates on the next likely crypto profit opportunity!


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  • But the amount of shares isn't really fixed right? I mean you can buy any fraction of a bitcoin for example. Or is there a limit on this I don't know about?

  • This is a basic economics video you could replace the crypto with shares of stock. What BS, just because you limit the tokens doesn't make it intrinsically valuable. You didn't even mention the only real value which is a peer to peer transaction outside of the fiat banking system.

  • Your Germany example is flawed and so is the premise that fiat can explode simply because they print more of it. This is why I can't take crypto seriously, the entire basis of its usefulness and value is built on a wobbly unstable foundation. The idea that people created a new form of money but don't even understand an accurate account of history is reason enough to call the entire thing a scam.

  • Hi

    Oh. So it’s an am way thing

  • Literally described a ponzie scheme.

  • Why would james pay $30 a coin if the going rate is currently $20? This is what i can’t understand why does the price move from 20 to 30$? Who decides this? Any answers would be hugely appreciated. Also I understand he would be happy to pay 30 if he believes the intrinsic value is 100, but if its available for 20$ what makes it jump to 21, 22 25$ etc

  • So basically, the value comes from hoping someone pays more for your crypto.

  • After 1:30 Jenny has sold 500 coins for $10,000. She has therefore earned $10,000 and also has $10,000 worth of coins left (her 500). So in theory you're saying she could create another new cryptocurrency for $0 dollars, buy half HERSELF for $10,000 to increase the market capitalisation to $20,000, then sell the lot for $20,000 earning an easy $10,000 profit (after she's given herself back the initial $10,000 she paid to increase the market capitalisation). I've clearly missed something no??…

  • It is estimated that over 60,000 to 400,000 people have made a massive one million dollars in bitcoin pending on the type of broker involved for every investment to yield earning a professional broker should be involved. Mrs katie wallace is a professional broker who manages,handles and gives guidance on investments to get good profit.

  • So, the price goes up and down according to demands. Demands that tie to nothing but demand itself.

  • "new cryptocoin" yeah, make it more creative jenny. I would make suscoin lol

  • I feel interested and would like to learn from a great tutor

  • So they made a system better then backing and instead of saying, 1 coin is one dollar and then reached to many businesses to make them accept the payment they made, its price correspond to the demand which makes it useless as a currency because its value changes a lot for no reason. It would be like a exchange for money but without the fee, so ass much coins is bought as much of the dollars is available to extract back to a real world. Tho for it to be useful everyone would have to accept them in their virtual form becauvery appeal is that physical money wouldn't have to be transferred between banks making it fare less price to make transactions.

  • Which drawing program this is?

  • Ana

    For me it got confusing around 2:20 – don't understand how the first 2 people profited $9000 each. The first dude bought 500 at $20 each and sold 300 at $30 each. His profit for that sale is 300 x $10 = $ 3000. He's got 200 coins left which he paid $20 x 200 = $4000 for. Where does the $9000 profit come from?

  • Shiba is the best investment.

  • <<very informative video you have here, there are several reasons why investment advisors and high net worth investors including major Banks are recognizing the benefits of Bitcoin in their strategic asset allocation. Key among them are portfolio diversification, the upside potential versus other assets, and future adoption potential with others like ETFs. (countries like Germany are taking the lead already). So far my trading experience has been awesome for years with the teachings of career trader Rico Alan who has been my portfolio strategist. I started with little over 4BTC, so far i've accumulated more than 6BTC after taxes.>>.

  • You lost me at the 2:00 mark. I'm not understanding how the value works when the coins are worth $20 and james offers $30 per coin. To me that is like buying 1 BTC for 75k when as of right now it's worth 63k. What does buying it for more than it's worth do for you? That's what has me confused

  • What's the asset backing the coin's price?
    There is no inherent value of the coin except for the demand and supply trend and thereby its highly risky and volatile + its unregulated.
    Crypto investing is basically gambling.

  • The next step for a new investor is to understand liquidity and how exchanges and AMM works.

    One you understand this it doesn’t make the price seem like some magic number randomly going up and down.

    It helps you understand why some exchanges list very different prices.

    It helps you understand how one whale selling a huge amount can cause a flash crash, which causes other whales and retail to sell and why the price can crash 50% very easily.

    Finally it helps you understand how crypto allows you to become your own bank, your own financial entity. You learn what an LP is and what yield farming is….you learn you don’t have to sell to realize gains you can use your crypto as a collateralized loan.

  • On the first sale, why John gave $10k? Looks like the first sale of each new crypto is key.

  • I need a very good broker to start up my investment any ideas.?

  • When will BTC's bucket become filled? At what price or mkt cap?

  • i bought 2m shiba around 11usd.. today its value is about 200usd.. thank god

  • <Thank you for your videos mate.I will advice traders esp newbies to have orientation of trading before they get involved in it because the crypto market has been unstable, forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. When news gets bearish start buying. "Keep it simple" That correction was the best thing that happened me. but all thanks to Rico Alan for his amazing skills for help me to earn 8 BTC through trading chart. I believe we are in the spring phase.

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