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Litecoin Price Analysis | Breakout or Breakdown Ahead?

Here is our updated Litecoin price analysis for November 2021! Litecoin has dropped over 10% in a large selloff over the last 24 hours. But does the Litecoin November forecast entail any chance of recovery soon? Let’s find out! The Litecoin price analysis is currently demonstrating the approach to a critical support zone between $210 and $230. With that said, if a bounce back does occur, it would set the Litecoin price target to the resistance levels […]

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Litecoin Price Analysis August 2021 | LTC Down but Not Out?

Here is our Litecoin price analysis for August 2021! Litecoin appears to be losing its footing and is now struggling to remain afloat. But does the Litecoin August forecast entail any chance of recovery? Let’s find out! The Litecoin price analysis recorded a 4% drop overnight and the price is currently still clinging just slightly above the $137 support level. If, however, it falls below it, that will place the next Litecoin price target at the nearest […]

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Litecoin x5 in 2022? | Litecoin Price Forecast 2022

Here is our updated Litecoin forecast for 2022! The Litecoin price is on its way to a speedy recovery after the Black Friday crypto market crash. What will the Litecoin prediction today reveal about the potential upside in 2022? Let’s find out! LTC has rallied 5.3% and is now trading $199.47, and according to the Litecoin forecast this week, there are high chances of a continuation of this rally ahead. And given the parabolic increase in the […]

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