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Litecoin Price Prediction!!! – LTC – Litecoin Price News – Litecoin Technical Analysis – Lite Coin

This Litecoin price prediction video will focus on the recent Litecoin news regarding the LTC price. We will do Litecoin price predictions on multiple timeframes. This LTC price prediction is for the end of 2020 and towards 2021. I hope that this Lite Coin technical analysis will provide some value to you guys! Please not that it’s not spelled Light Coin or LightCoin, the correct spelling is Litecoin. On my youtube channel, you will find content on […]

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Litecoin explosive growth. First target LTC is $300. Litecoin 2021 price prediction

Litecoin is often called digital silver and the younger brother of Bitcoin. It’s a very close cryptocurrency, which has long been in the top 10 cryptocurrency by market cap. Its current price is $130, in January it surged to $185. Within 2-3 month it could skyrocket to $300. The Litecoin price prediction for 2021 indicates an increase up to $1,200. In this video, we’re looking at what the Litecoin developers did in 2020 and what their plans […]

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Litecoin Price in 2022? Patience…

Litecoin price in 2022 is a question on everyones mind who is invested in Litecoin. We explore this question mainly because of a price prediction from Tim Draper about a $250k Bitcoin by 2022. So what could that mean for Litecoin price in 2022. Here are my thoughts. LTC Donations To Our LaunchPad Foundation: LdhjierVqd6GeVC5Ln7jJHxpFuqUAHBnYu ⚡LaunchPad Foundation – 🛒 Shop Crypto Capital Venture – 🚀Free Access To Our Crypto Social Network LaunchPad! 👨‍🚀Social Have a question or […]

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Litecoin Price Prediction!!!!! – LTC – Litecoin Price 2021 – Litecoin Technical Analysis – Lite Coin

In this Litecoin price prediction 2021 video, we will be doing Litecoin price predictions on multiple timeframes. This LTC technical analysis will also focus on key support/resistance levels for LTC. Some common ways to spell this crypto is, Lightcoin Light Coin or Lite Coin. I hope that this Litecoin price prediction and forecast for 2021 will provide some value to you guys! 📈 The charting software I use for everything is TradingView 📈 It’s free to sign […]

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Litecoin x5 in 2022? | Litecoin Price Forecast 2022

Here is our updated Litecoin forecast for 2022! The Litecoin price is on its way to a speedy recovery after the Black Friday crypto market crash. What will the Litecoin prediction today reveal about the potential upside in 2022? Let’s find out! LTC has rallied 5.3% and is now trading $199.47, and according to the Litecoin forecast this week, there are high chances of a continuation of this rally ahead. And given the parabolic increase in the […]

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