Thursday, July 18, 2024

Best Of Forbes 2021: Blockchain And Cryptocurrency | Forbes

This year we watched society adopt blockchain technologies and embrace cryptocurrency like never before. To celebrate the major industry moments, we’ve compiled a list of our best performing content of 2021. We spoke with one of crypto’s youngest billionaires, Sam Bankman Fried, who is determined to build his fortune just to give it all away. The Winklevoss brothers gave us their predictions for social media and the metaverse. We witnessed the explosion of NFTs, and we couldn’t take our eyes off the Wall Street/Gamestop fiasco.

0:00 Winklevoss Twins Talk NFT’s And The End Of Social Networking As We Know It
4:26 How A Battle Between Wall Street And Reddit Users Made GameStop Stock Skyrocket
8:26 The Most Profitable Concerts Now Take Place In The Metaverse
10:34 The Richest Person Under 30 In The World Wants To Give His Fortune Away
18:01 3 Major Questions We Still Have About Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) And The Future Of Altcoins
23:49 How Chelsea Manning Is Using Her Whistleblower Experience To Protect Others’ Privacy
30:35 Record Labels Are Battling NFT’s With Internal Task Forces
35:40 These Billion Dollar Companies Are Leading In Blockchain And Cryptocurrency In 2021
40:08 The Winklevoss Twins Think We’ll All Live In The Metaverse

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  • Only if people do understand that 'Metaverse' is just a name accquired by facebook aka mark zuckerberg and its not limited to him or his company. That says it all about this video. Metaverse the name just being owned by a company doesn't mean the whole definition revolves around companies name which is metaverse. I am sure this comment is gonna age very well looking at next 5-10 years metaverse is not about just a signular company or a person but metaverse or being transformed into any name it's more about people the freedom, right of speech and decentralisization.

  • Bitcoin is also creating wealth inequality. Bitcoin is creating some millionaires; but billions of people are left out. People who bought Bitcoin and Ethereum before 2017; they are becoming rich at the cost of the most people.

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