Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Your Altcoin Is Dying, Son

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In this video, I discuss the history of altcoins, their performance relative to Bitcoin, and what makes Bitcoin a unique asset.

From cycle to cycle, the top 10 crypto by market cap is constantly changing, with the one exception of Bitcoin, which remains the apex predator of money.

All other crypto denominated in BTC is trending towards zero, as are real estate and stocks as well.

Bitcoin is a unique asset due to its immaculate conception, credible forward monetary policy, lack of a pre-mine, high hash rate secured by proof of work, global brand recognition, first-mover advantage, deep liquidity and high market cap, its uneasy truce between nodes/miners/devs/exchanges/merchants, as well as its insanely devoted hodlers, who are willing to hold their Bitcoin through multiple deep bear markets and never sell, thus slowly removing supply permanently from the market.

There is only Bitcoin. Accept no substitutes.

Not investment advice! Consult a financial advisor.

95% of alts are going to die:

Solana Billionaire VC’s Are Laughing At You:

Terra Luna Buying Bitcoin Billions:

Coinmarket cap historical snapshots:



Current coinmarketcap:

What impressed Druckenmiller about Bitcoin:

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  • WARNING: There are a number of scammers who are using my image and
    channel name to try to connect with my viewers on WhatsApp and other
    platforms to scam them. Just so you know, I will never refer you to
    "my personal trader" or try to connect with you personally to sell you
    something. I am trying to ban these scammers as quickly as they pop up. You can
    always recognize a scammer by clicking on the image and seeing how
    many videos he has. All of these guys have zero videos, while I have
    hundreds. I also now have a checkmark next to my name, so that you can distinguish the real Trader University from the imposters.

  • If 86% of Bitcoin holders Hodled all the way down to $3k, that 86% must not of held much of the total supply for price to drop so low?

  • Word on the street about Solana going to zero and the team is literally voting to CONFISCATE a whale’s wallet… think about this people!

  • Your shitcoin is dying too

  • Cryptocurrency is gonna be around awhile, so people should just acknowledge its existence and learn something about it even if they never invest, because it's still influencing money.

  • Bitcoin will go away and alts will replace it. I hope you make a vid when that happens.

  • Beware missing the diamond in the dirt

  • Crypto holders have been had. Badly. All they did was assist their owners by testing the BlockCHAIN which will entrap humanity once it has been fully tested. And they paid for the privilege too. How embarrassing and shortsighted the common man is. Bitcoin was the carrot that proceeded the sticks (cbdc)

  • One of the more brilliant videos you have done with the comparison graphs to other alts and even QQQ

  • ISO20022 alts are not dying.

  • In your video 'EU is dying', at the end, you're saying that bitcoin is a respected value. Here, I still don't believe bitcoin is 'secure'. My gutts feelings are that there are no substances, as it seems mostly speculative.
    Though, I understand your Russian energy vs EU weakness.

  • Look forward to when the space can move beyond this. BTC is the fundamental financial layer of the internet and completely different to any other crypto. PoS coins are just individual startups/companies. Buying a PoS coin is similar to buying a company stock. PoS chains aren't going anywhere, you would basically have to end computer science for that to happen.

  • please record video on gst coin sol..

  • Fortunately, I am doing well with my earnings, as I have started to earn on crypto-walled Crypton mines it in the decentralized ecosystem Utopia p2p on favorable terms.

  • Ok here is one for you all how can a certain Prim minister able to track and shut down Bit coins from going to those Truckers? To me this is a huge warning that Bit coin is under control. Now don't forget the Prim minister fascist nut job already closed the truckers banks so all people had to do was open a bit coin account to get the money I thought but no it was stopped.

  • Watching all you folks is amusing to us long term value investors. We get very rich with little effort and stress and risk. Amazing you fall for crypto. Crypto has NO value. It is worth zero. Invest in real assets and companies. Watch it grow at 9-10% a year over 30 years and be multi millionaires with no risk or stress.

    But you will not. You will listen to these "traders" who pretend to understand some "technical" thing in an asset class that is meaningless. He should tell you about returns on Tulip Bulbs as an investment class.

    Listening to him speak nonsense and conspiracy theory about Bitcoin means nothing. Stop trading. Invest the way that works for generations and get very rich – slow.

  • Matthew I think you're being too hard on LTC, it's not really fair to lump LTC in with garbage such as SOL, ADA, or XRP. There's a reason why LTC is the only Alt that's remained relevant since 2011 as it shares many of the desirable fundamentals that BTC has, like having a fair launch (no pre mine), is POW, scarce, now fungible, and most importantly is absolutely hated by crypto VC scum. Mike Novagratz for example (they guy who was shilling LUNA to his followers for months leading up to the rug pull and even got a LuNA tattoo) has been bashing/FUD'ing LTC for years because they can't control it and they don't get an "easy in/special treatment" from devs. BTC would've never implemented Segwit if it wasn't for LTC, so at the very least form a maxi perspective can't you at least recognize the value LTC has in being BTC's test net for implementing potentially dangerous upgrades? LTC deserves a lot of respect considering how long it's managed to remain relevant and for it's contributions to BTC's development.

  • My monero aint dying, paps.

  • I needed to find a voice like yours, every other youtuber out there seems to be schilling for every type of shitcoin

  • Hey I bet that guy feels hella stupid now alts are what they are Bitcoin is not

  • yup Alt coins are Trash and totally dun '17 was the Peak of that crap the the Suppo Days lol no longer though

  • This maxi still makes content and acting like btc isn't also getting rekt.

  • I enjoyed you video 📹 man I'm going to subscribe.

  • I try to be kind I will be kind % but I'm far from a simp or a push over / tactical thinking / I have work to do / thanks 🙏 4 the insight /. 000000000000000000000000000001

  • Love thy neighbor is the key n love GOD is the answer / in the blood of JESUS amen

  • It's dieing cuz everyone forked the code and doesn't care about the 🌎 and the people in it/ well I do and a lot of people have bad intentions for humanity it self/ NOT ON MY ⌚

  • I'm working with 140$ I cant afford BTC to get any gains from it. I have a better chance with alts

  • XRshiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt is imposters coin run by crooks dumping on retail since day one……

  • Especially Crap 💩 XRshiiiiiiiiiiitttttttttttt…….the master of Dying

  • And on the third day terra Luna rose up once more then fell back down again ..Luna 2 at a circus near you all the clowns can buy it on the fiat roulette table

  • First things's first: loved the video. You have a great blend of presentational skills and I learned so much in these 16 minutes.

    One point of disagreement, though. Everyone does not know what Bitcoin really is. Most people think whatever MSM wants them to think about it. Have they heard of it? Probably. But their understanding of it is probably so anemic that they may as well have never heard of it.

  • Mr. Kratter, you sometimes mention Amazon during the.com crash, etc. Do you think Amazon would be what it is today if it were decentralized and had no Jeff Bezos at the helm?

  • In what will Gresham's Law apply to Bitcoin as it approaches world reserve currency status? Let's assume that in 10-15 years further increases to bitcoin in circulation will be trivial, insignificant. And that by that time there are spot ETFs in all nations with significant shares of global wealth (so that corporations, sovereign wealth funds carry bitcoin as an asset. And also that various nations have stacks of BTC in their central banks. Finally, individuals who could once afford to buy bitcoin now only pass it on to their children as inheritance and newcomers cannot afford $2 million BTC. Who is going to be willing to sell any of their stack? Bitcoin's price will continue to rise (presuming that nations are still debasing their fiat money). Will the world get to a place where there is no market for bitcoin because no one is selling? If no market, how will bitcoin function as a store of value?

  • Some honest questions: A friend of mine says that the 4th Industrial revolution will be run on altcoins. Maybe some of the L1 coins have a strong future for this reason?
    And what about gaming coins? Games are a big part of the economy of some very poor countries and some of them have coins attached. It seems like some of them may have viability for at least a few years. Same with metaverse coins, e.g. APE may be the only currency allowed in their upcoming metaverse and for the purchase of their NFT's, Bored Ape Yacht Club. They recently poured $425 million dollars into their projects.
    And I wonder about JASMY. They have contracts with Toyota in the building of smart cities and are part of the IoT, connecting devices and so forth. JASMY is run by the former heads of Sony (I haven't done recent research on it so, that may have changed, idk).
    And Polkadot seems to have a strong, valid future. So, not all altcoins are created equal, in terms of their utility and those who control them. Just wondering about all these things as I decide what percentage of my portfolio to allocate to BTC & altcoins. I'm not quite ready yet to become a Bitcoin Maxie.

  • is there anyway a centralized PoS network could be useful for enhancing the current banking system? or the network has to be decentralized inorder for DiFi to work.

  • Every crypto investor eventually gets to that point where they realize 'Damn, I should have just bought BTC instead', the earlier you get to that point the better

  • What grantee do you have BTC won't die also . You got people saying BtC coin is going to die . Your just another BTC pusher . Good luck. God Bless

  • Unsophisticated retail buyers? Bitcoin and all the other shyt coins rely on dumb retail hype to buy in… no retail, no hype equals crypto crash….like we seeing now

  • Love your work Mathew

  • what do you think about flux?

  • Thanks for your videos Matt. I find listening to your videos is like what other people do for listening to news when I’m running my business.

  • Thank You Matthew for your efforts in bringing the importance to genuine decentralised systems – BTC specifically, you are an excellent communicator!

  • Most of my alt coins are not dying, they are already in the graveyard.

  • You certainly brought back some memories on this one, Matthew. I played with those "alts" back then and got out right in time and watched them all get wiped out. Going to see it happen again but i wont be panic selling shitcoins this time 🙂 long live the king, BTC

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