Saturday, June 15, 2024

Why NFTs are the biggest opportunity of the decade

In this video I provide a roadmap for how NFTs will become the biggest opportunity of the 2020s. Specifically, I talk about how NFT technology will solve a massive problem that we currently face on the internet, how NFT collectibles (Bored Ape Yacht Club, Cryptopunks, Cool Cats etc.) are so much more powerful than traditional collectibles, which is already a multi billion dollar market, and the major groups of buyers that are going to pour money into this asset class in the coming years.

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0:00 intro
1:26 important chapters
2:13 there’s a huge problem…
4:01 NFTs explained in 30 secs
4:35 two major developments
5:47 NFT future timeline
6:10 Bored Ape Yacht Club vs Spiderman
7:06 the flex is strong
8:23 NFT utility
10:19 right click saving
10:54 the opportunity today
11:41 group #1 that will buy NFTs
13:01 group #2 that will buy NFTs
14:18 group #3 that will buy NFTs
15:25 group #4 that will buy NFTs
17:30 NFT secret weapon


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  • This was the best video I've seen on NFT's. Well done man.

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  • Daje bro ✨💪 Can you buy my Nft? 🤩 Check out to view the working in progress. Used Bender and UE4 ✨

  • Great video! The amount of insides you put in here is impressive!!

  • "Did you know that Disco Record Sales were up by 400% for the year ending in 1976? If these trends continue…Aaayyy!!"
    -Stuart Discothèque, talking about a product which has far more value today than NFTs.

  • Can you explain the negative effects of NFT’s

  • The space of NFT investors is filled with the rich putting their shoe money into trying to break the percent above them. The metaverse is a mistake waiting to happen- it's practically a dystopia. Do you WANT Facebook and Epic Games to sell you goddamn hats for $20 in a goddamn shitty VR verse? I'm not trusting the zuck, sorry.

    It's not that NFTs aren't worth crap– I'd argue yes, digital goods are on the rise. NFTs are the worst goddamn execution of that idea. Why? Because it makes everything a stock market, and funnels all that money to the 5% so they can become the 4%. I don't want my HATS to be on a stock market. I want a HAT.

    This is the Bitcoin disaster all over again.

    Oh yeah, and I ask you to find one person who buys any of the NFT collectibles you listed for their artistic value or style. They don't. They want to be in a club, or they were scammed by someone else to buy in.

  • People preferring to choose NFT flex over a jet or physical asset is hilarious. You take the digital art I’ll take the jet happily any day of the week lol, humans are bugging.

  • Plus bitcoin as well as the majority of the 18,000 cryptos out there, isn’t anonymous

  • The world is headed in this direction because clowns entertain it. The concept has opportunity for specific assets that attach back to reality but for digital enjoyment it’s absolutely corny because I can just enjoy digital content digitally and replicate it. Plus digital anything it’s not truly fulfilling as reality. That’s squeezing the juice out of life. Ownership of property online must serve a greater purpose than just to flex. All criticism aside I do like how if transacted properly, it removes centralization to transactions. But then you have people buying decentralized crypto on centralized exchanges thinking they’re safe lol.

  • Cee

    The way I see it, NFT is useful against IP infringements. Artists can now freely showcase their original artworks without the fear of being copied or duplicated. Also, artists can now properly collect royalties or sue ppl from other platforms using their "art" without permission. Yknow what I mean 😆

  • This is hands down the best nft channel there is on YouTube, your professional background is a great asset bro. I wish I had this much experience like you!

  • Yo dude, how many bots did you buy?

  • I still don't see any advantages to using blockchain technology over not using it. Every NFT with utility costs orders of magnitude more than what you'd pay to get that same utility without an NFT, and even if it didn't it would have to be more expensive just due to the fact that minting fees and gas fees exist plus it'd be slower than existing technology due to the fact it has to be verified for the blockchain which can take a long time or cost even more money. Seems like the people at the top of the crypto world just want to install themselves as the new banks, while they charge more money for the ability to use their currency than any bank ever did. I don't see any benefits to swapping out the old bankers for new more greedy bankers.

  • Man fuck nfts. They are bad for the environment and will bring nothing good to the world. The same goes for all cryptocurrencys

  • biggest scam of the decade.
    you buy the hyperlink to an artwork, which represents zero value. there are basically no rights attached. not even a file.
    if the hoster of said artwork ever goes down anyone can basically claim these links and attach whatever files they want to it.
    which is worse than just having them deleted, as harm can be done to anyone in possesion of the nft.
    artists get scammed on a daily basis, to a degree really popular ones took down their whole online presence. people steal their art and permanently engrave the artworks signature in the blockchain.
    don't get fooled by the people profiting of this bs. look at the tech, look at the problems and think.
    there is a use for nft, but it's not investment and not art.

  • Great video keep it up.

  • N

    An amazing video for all nft begginers and enthusiasts

  • I would like to challenge your point about "flex". All-though there are people who by a car or clothes to show of, I buy them for functionality in the first place. I think there are a lot of the first kind of people, but it's not everybody or even the majority. I don't think most people would pay for an avatar. In my group of friends, the trend is to use less social media. My friends and acquaintances may have Facebook or Instragram-accounts, but we only send text and call with WhatsApp. Nobody cares about there avatar.

  • It feels like NFTs are all about speculating. Maybe ownership isn't that healthy of a concept? This is how stockholders run away with the money instead of the employers actually doing the job of making and creating. It's like how bitcoins seemed to offer interesting new ways of using tokens, but the only reason why people buy them is to gamble and get rich. Trying to get rich with this kind of constructions can't be a healthy way of living in the long run. Can someone who *doesn't* only care about getting rich without REALLY contributing respond to this? (For the materialistic people: don't get mad, yes, it's your right to live your life that way, but I don't believe it's satisfying for the individual nor is it healthy for society or the planet).

  • Screenshotted every part of the nfts

  • Sabertooth Motor Club flying under the radar right now

  • After watching this I still am baffled by this, I really struggle to understand it all even when you try to compare it to owning real world assets…. these in my eyes are not assets…

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