Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Why I'm No Longer GPU Mining

Gamers think that crypto miners stole all their GPUs and that GPU mining is why it’s impossible to buy graphics cards right now.. They’re not really wrong, but here’s Why I’m No Longer GPU Mining as much as I used to.. This Helium miner is better than a GPU miner, Bobcat Miner 300 –

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GPU mining is super profitable, but GPU miners used to be easy to build because graphics cards were in stock and not as many people built GPU mining farms. Now it is impossible to buy GPUs because more people work from home, more people are PC gamers, and above all cryptocurrencies like Ethereum are more expensive leading to more money to be made in passive income mining cryptocurrency! GPU mining on paper is more profitable than ever but no new projects launch as proof of work yeah no more PoW coins like many crypto coins that used to launch! Ethereum the biggest GPU mineable cryptocurrency is moving away from mining with Ethereum 2.0 and their new Proof of Stake PoS network. Some GPU miners think and hope that Ravencoin RVN will be the best coin to mine after ETH can no longer be mined but GPU mining revolves around Ethereum. GPU mining is what got me intro cryptocurrency and crypto mining but the future of GPU mining is looking more grim than ever before, so here’s Why I’m No Longer GPU Mining

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⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Why I GPU mine less
03:52 Is GPU mining still worth it?
05:03 GPU mining has changed drastically
06:28 GPU mining shortage due to mining?
08:27 GPU mining is dying
10:50 EIP 1559 killing Ethereum mining
12:10 What do people think about EIP-1559?
14:53 GPU Mineable alternatives to Ethereum
16:35 KubeCoin
18:16 Will Ravencoin save GPU mining
19:25 The best coins to GPU mine after Ethereum 2.0 PoS
21:02 GPU mining still worth it in 2022?

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  • This Helium miner is better than a GPU miner, Bobcat Miner 300 –
    This is the best crypto miner to buy now –
    I Spent $100,000 Building a CRYPTOCURRENCY & BITCOIN MINING SHED?! –
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  • I notice u didn’t mention bitcoin… is it no longer profitable to GPU mine that?

    I’m new… and was looking into it

  • soo, if i want to use my gaming PC gpu for crypto mining in 2022, you would say that's a no go? ( I'm not paying for electricity)

  • Mine monero then convert it into Ethereum

  • ./facepalm. This video is hard to watch. I would never watch another video you made, EVER, again. I want the 10 minutes of my life I wasted watching this back……….

  • Bitcoin is the number one factor causing inflation when not counting war or global industrial accidents and has been a factor in energy costs to rise, people ignore the fact bitcoin is anti-green and nothing more than a black-hole. The result of Bitcoin mining has damage the economic status of many people, people have less money because of it to support local stores and buy parts to fix real things. I see Bitcoin as another money laundering scandal utilizing computer hardware and code.
    I find it foolish for people buy computer hardware to destroy it to mine, instead of hiring people to restore an antique car, then sell it to make money faster than mining, I am just stating a theoretical scenario to prove a point of how illogical thinking has created job loss and how people who mine keep adding to the black-hole.
    I am sure if you can mine Bitcoin, then you can copy federal currency and start illegally printing money and convince people its worth something and try to make the FBI or any federal agency you did nothing bad or illegal by running a scam over computer code.

  • This is how I feel about Helium and what they’ve done. Don’t get me wrong, if ur already wealthy, and can pay to set up as a validator, it’s still great. But for miners, it’s terribly messed up, with the last few HIP changes. When i posted asking for help, thinking it was a glitch or accident, they straight censored me, banned me, and anyone else bringing up the issues. Now if ur 99% of the miners, u only get .5 % of ur earnings. The vast majority of earnings go to the investors and validators. A few of selected people still mine the same earnings, but they’re meta data is way fishy . Mention it on discord or Reddit, and ur banned and get threatening emails from helium. Also, I’m pretty sure they cap or decide what people earn. I have 15 miners and if I shut all of them down, but 3 random ones. I make the exact amount. If I turn 15 online, I make the same amount. Which is barely 5-10$ a day. I have proof, but helium’s got ppl who think they’re the new gangsters, and am broken hearted.

  • alr now give me my damn 3090, i have had enough of this 2gb r9 270 you better give me one 😡😡😡😡😡

  • More like SHE cant decide what to do for dinner. Am I right?

  • Bunch of rambling and not getting to POINT!

  • Hey quick question boss. Hey what do you think about a Sheba signing up with Amazon? And if it's possible to mine a Shiba. Or your recommend it with a GPU?

  • F#ck You Miners! #uck You Miners! F#ck You Miners!

  • Yes, making money without adding any value is the capitalist way 👍

  • This guy has maybe 35 GPUs and you all blame him for the shortage lol! It's the giant companies buying 10,000+ that's screwing us.

  • GLC/BNB your welcome 🙂

  • The cognitive dissonance in this video is really something else. Scum of the earth these people

  • Lol.. Git off mahhh Lawwnnn…… You….. Thats what you sound like… just FYI,..

    You are wayyy you young to be acting like you were one of the first people to circumnavigate the world and no one below you in age could ever possibly understand.
    N i guranteee ya that the people an age group above you who were into setting up giant server farms with the same storage capacity as my phone XD, or other fairly new wave financial / tech trend at the time, thought the same about you…back when you were stickytaping your first rig together

    "AHh these young kids these days.. its all about the GPU's to to them.. THey just wanna get the best OC… Back in my day we had appreciation for the art of the CPU integrated graphics and floppy disk art" hahahaha. don't be that guy man.

    be the one that goes out with them and gets amongst it instead. Become passionate with them about the coin that pulls the best prices, Join Their party, help n teach them. Make up some dodgy rig with a bunch of 2nd hand gpus you find on ebay and donate it off to some random enthusiast with some little diagrams of what he could do to improve and grow it.

    Dont be a salty grandpa sittin on youtube showin off your garage full of rigs while you rag on people who havn't seen the same financial success. Just think it about it all man. Peace.

  • Mining here in Australia is super hard. Where I am, power costs $0.34 / kwh. I have solar panels so I could cut that down to about $0.28 / kwh when you factor in the solar. It's still too much to make mining worth attempting. We use 240V 50Hz here in Australia as well. I wanted to give mining a try but it doesn't seem worth it.

  • I’ve been transferring more eth lately to other coin. Iam riding this to the scene of the crash or whatever happens though.

  • I'd love to punch another crypto miner, hopefully I get the chance soon enough.

  • He fell to the dark side ……. Now he’s back to the light

  • Do u think, mining , is still profitable or , the bigger companies , are just too big to contend with

  • I seriously doubt ASIC miners are just gonna eat that cost and toss their equipment. Especially those who put a lot of money into their farms. The only thing that makes sense is them scavenging around until they find something that fills the void even if it's less profitable.

  • Nike Talk used to be the rage for sneakers, and newbies don't even know

  • Just started with my bobcat miner lol I’m still learning

  • asic is a logical next step. no brainer

  • Did you see that truck?!?!?… you know the one you ran yourself over with? lol ….

  • Wow, this aged well

  • Its becoming centralized instead if decentralized which is the opposite of why crypto was cool in the first place. When that happens how it holds its value then will be made up magic and time to move on to something else.

  • Are there benefits to using EPYC computers to mine the many types of cryptocoins?

  • hows that mining coming along LOL! enjoy your crypto crash!

  • Ok, let's get one thing straight, rarely am I triggered but gamers who can't get hold of a graphics card to ACTUALLY play games on who then complain about it are not 'cry babies' how fucking ignorant / insulting do you want to get? PC gaming and building was here LONG before CCM, the hobby is a multi billion dollar industry. Just because some bright spark made the link between GPUs and CCM, the pc gamers could no longer enjoy building and upgrading their pc's because of something that has NOTHING to do with gaming. You can't just call the pc gaming industry 'cry babies' because CCM basically made getting a GPU and thus a PC build impossible. Pc gamers are pissed off because they can no longer enjoy their hobby like they used to, not because they don't know how to mine / can't be bothered to. What about gamers who stream and make a living out of gaming and need high specs? Far more fun than watching a gpu sit there and whirr away 'mining'.

    CCM – crypto currency mining.

  • mining is NOT INCREDIBLE dude, wtf are you on ? Also stop whining about cards getting more expensive, dudes like you are the ONLY reason it happened, you are the cause of this , nothing else !

  • D V

    So I found many comments here that say the exact same thing, reach your own conclusion people.

  • I don't get how this actually earns you money.

  • You are complaining about something that people like YOU caused

  • I love how miners laugh at others complaining about the price tripling and then themselves start complaining about it 🤣

  • Your rant is falling on deaf ears. You contributed to the environment you are now complaining about. I’m glad you are experiencing this failure at your initial greedy approach to crypto-mining. I don’t need a GPU, nor does crypto-mining interest me. But I see these young kids that want to get access to the latest computer technology and can’t because crypto-miners have made the entire industry inaccessible. Yes, feel the damn guilt and the downfall of your own making. I’ve been working with retailers to ensure consumers have fair access to the technology to keep greedy self-serving crypto-miners away from consumer tech. No thanks to crypto-miners that have monopolized access to GPU technology that is affecting other industries too. I can’t wait for the history lesson on a group of self-serving interested self-imploded – a life lesson. The next supply chain replenishment will mitigate crypto-miners from depleting access to the latest technology from the broader consumer market. I’m just laughing at guys like you who are now ranting. LMFAO

  • Is it possible for to set up a mining rig in Somalia by using solar cells. We have sunlight almost the whole year.

  • After increasing the prices miners be like prices too high

  • This world seems more and more like the matrix, plz give me the red pill!

  • Dude the reason we complain about GPU mining is because we cant get stuff for anywhere MSRP because people buy everything up and scalp it because miners will pay up. That leaves people who wanted to buy the product for its original purpose, playing video games, are SOL, which makes PC gaming less viable for many which is heartbraking

  • For the most part mining caused GPU shortage. Now, miners complain about people scalping them. The scalping is due to shortage and the shortage is due mainly to miners.

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