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What is Co Regulation?

Co regulation or brain entrainment is a psychology term that describes the process of taking on some of the emotional state of another person.

Note: this content is for informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice, or as a substitute for the medical advice of a physician.

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— What Is Co Regulation? —

Co-regulation of emotions is a biological process experienced by all mammals. As humans, we are highly social creatures. Our brains are wired for connection.

Co-regulation allows your nervous system to “read” the state of another person. This is a sort of brainwave entrainment where your body picks up on subtle cues about stress and tension.

We rely on co-regulation to alert us to danger as well as to keep us safe and connected. Co-regulation is also helpful for developing empathy. We “take on” the emotions of others, like borrowing clothes.

Co-regulation and trauma are deeply linked as well. As a baby, if your primary caregiver has unresolved trauma stuck in their body, your nervous system will pick up on it. This can put you into a permanent stress or survival state where the world appears threatening or dangerous.

Watch the above co regulation video for a more comprehensive explanation of this brain entrainment process.

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  • What do you think, does this explanation of co-regulation help you to understand how stress and worry states can get lodged in your body? Leave me a comment and let me know!

  • Great content.
    The music is very distracting though!

  • Autistics, non-social people are not social creatures….there is a spectrum….

  • This woman is an untrained person who spews out random unscientific health theories. Back in the day, it was "Rolfing" and diagnosing everything as "renal fatigue". Now she has found Youtube. Please do not take any health advice from this woman. She is a quack. At best the advice may not do anything or give you false hope, and at worst it may hurt you.

  • My daughter is 5 and I am just started to heal my childhood trauma after a huge subconscious block let go. Is it too late, is her system programmed?

  • Love all your videos Sukie! You are intelligent, well spoken and deliver timely and important information in a way that is easy to understand and put into practise. THANK YOU FOR SHARING YOUR GIFTS

  • I so much relate to this, but it's strange how I was so attuned to others emotions and their expressions but my sister, we've grown up in the same household, but she didn't turn up like me? Is there any explanation for this? 🤔

  • Wim hoff breathing helps abs cold showers but I’m
    So tired and negative I haven’t been doing it. Thanks for the video , gonna check out the pain free one:)

  • thank you for the information

  • Background music makes it very difficult to focus on what you are saying. Had to turn volume down very low to try and shut it out, then I played the video three times. Love what you are saying. Please stop with the music, not necessary 😁

  • I've got to put up with a co worker constantly spouting conspiracy theories about covid and vaccination problems it's doing my brain no good… I've developed a method of blocking him out ..
    And now feeling better.

  • Love your explanations on these matters, it's very helpful.
    If one regulates his nervous system enough, will the body release/express repressed emotions in its own time?

  • Totally free? When I go to the instant access to pain free series it is trying to charge me $99. Huh?

  • Very productive explanation here. I’m finding my way they this works better, when my tethers are connected. Much favor to you💚🙏🏼💚

  • So even when you think you are protecting yourself by isolating, your nervous system is still collecting all the data, it's still activated, I'm still prepped for threat? And that threat isn't really safely deactivated until I am safely around people, comfortably? If you're out of sync with people, you're nervous system won't relax or stand down, until you have restored being back in sync? And if you've been out of sync from childhood because you didn't feel safe to be you, your nervous system responds even if you've forgotten why? It keeps that file open somewhere? Run from the non-thinking part of my brain? Almost in secret? Is that what's going on?

  • This seems exactly what I am looking for. I have suffered from anxiety and depression all my adult life. My Mother didn't bond with me and when I was in my early teens I was molested. I am now 69 years old. I am confused about where is the best place or way to start? If doing your exercises in these videos which is the best one to start? You mention Pain Free At Any Age Video Series but is that relevant to me? I get back ache because of tension but what about my mental emotional state? Thanks

  • Excellent, this is very useful!

  • The more I see of Sukie's work (on YouTube) the more I trust her. If 999 other people had started with 'Hallo wonderful humans' I would have vomitted. Sukie is however, genuine.

  • Do you have any tips/suggestions on how to help children calm their nerve system?

  • Yessssss!!! This is so good!!

  • i could concentrate better on the words without the music background

  • I wonder how wearing masks affects this? I work around kids and it seems twice as difficult to create rapport and trust. This makes the learning process compromised from my experience. What’s your thoughts?

  • Is it sufficient to only rewire the brain? If the stress response is an automatic reaction (fight / flight) from the nervous system, doesn't the response bypass the brain? And shouldn't we rewire other parts as well such as the body, which has it's own memory to traumatic events?

  • All that you talk about the body sounds very interesting can you do some vedios on men health I think we can learn lots to make good changes thanks…

  • This is exactly how my wife is, she is so affected by how her friends are when they meet up, they usually have a negative affect on her, and then other times when we are alone together she feels safe and content as she picks that up from me as I am pretty layed back and not stressed. Its very interesting how you put it, its like we can influence people around us without even trying. I also think that I am kind of positive around people that it makes them feel the same. I will look into this more as I find it facinating.

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