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What is Bitcoin Mining – In Telugu | బిట్ కాయిన్ మైనింగ్ అంటే ఏంటి?

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In this video I explain about why the process of generating new bitcoins is done through Mining, how Bitcoin mining is similar to gold mining, what is proof of work, how is the decision made regarding which miner gets the newly generated Bitcoin as reward, how do miners compete, what are the main activities performed by Bitcoin Miners, what is double spending problem, what is Bitcoin Mining puzzle, what is nonce, what is difficulty target, what is current block header hash, are there any short cuts for bitcoin mining, what is Coinbase transaction, why difficulty target keeps changing, how often it changes, when does it increase and when does it decrease, what is the current difficulty target, how many hashes per second current miners are computing, what is genesis block, what is Bitcoin halving, when is the next halving, how much do Bitcoin miners earn, Mining hardware evolution, what are GPUs, FGPAs and ASICs? what are mining farms, top mining hardware manufacturing companies, top destinations for Bitcoin mining, can anyone mine bitcoin, what are mining pools, top mining pools, advantages of mining pools, is bitcoin mining profitable for an individual, Bitcoin mining profitability calculator, uses of mining in Bitcoin network, etc. With this video most of the fundamentals required to understand Bitcoin are completed and these will enable you to understand lot of other projects in Crypto space.

Mining Hardware Websites:
Halong Mining:

Mining Pools websites: –
Antpool –
SlushPool –
F2Pool –
ViaBTC –

Telugu Description: ee video choosey mundu intaka mundu chesina videos kuda choodandi. endukantey avi ardham aite ee video inka baga ardham ayye chance vuntundi. paina aa links kuda share chesanu.
Eee video lo nenu meeku enduku kotta bitcoins generate ayye process ni Mining antaru, Bitcoin mining gold mining laga enduku design chesaru, proof of work ante enti, ye miner ki kottaga generate ayina Bitcoin reward ga ivvalu yela decide chestaru, miners yela compete chestaru, Bitcoin Miners chesey mukyamaina panulu yevi, double spending problem ante enti, Bitcoin Mining puzzle ante enti, nonce ante enti, difficulty target ante enti, current block header hash ante enti, bitcoin mining ki evaina shortcuts vunnaya, Coinbase transaction ante enti, difficulty target enduku change avtuntundi, yenni sarlu change avtundi, yeppudu increase avtundi, yeppudu decrease avtundi, prastuta difficulty target entha, prastutam miners enni hashes per second compute chestunnaru, genesis block ante enti, Bitcoin halving ante enti, next halving yeppudu avtundi, Bitcoin miners enta sampadistaru, Mining hardware evolution, GPUs, FGPAs, ASICs ante enti, mining farms ante enti, top mining hardware manufacturing companies yevi, Bitcoin mining ki top destinations yevi, yevaraina bitcoin mining cheyyoccha, mining pools ante enti, top mining pools yevi, mining pools valla labhalenti, bitcoin mining profitable yena, Bitcoin mining profitability calculator, mining valla Bitcoin network ki use yenti, etc. ee video toh Bitcoin ni ardham chesukodaniki kavalsina fundamental concepts anni nerchukunna. Ivi meeku okka bitcoin ye kakunda verey Crypto projects kuda ardham chesukuney samardhyanni istayi.


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