Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Trp Operon – Tryptophan operon regulation and attenuation

This lecture explains about the regulation and attenuation of Tryptophan operon (Trp operon). The trp operon of E. coli controls the biosynthesis of tryptophan in the cell from the initial precursor chorismic acid. This Trp operon contains genes for the production of five proteins which are used to produce three enzymes. This video lecture will help you to understand the following-
1. The mechanism of Tryptophan operon also known as Trp operon.
2. Trp operon regulation
3. Tryptophan operon attenuation
4. Difefrence between trp operon and Lac operon.
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Thank you for watching the video lecture on Trp operon including the Tryptophan operon regulation and attenuation.


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