Saturday, May 18, 2024

Top 10 NFT Stories of 2021

These are the NFTs that changed the game this year. For this list, we’ll be looking at NFTs and NFT collections that made the biggest impressions in 2021. Our countdown includes Grimes NFTs, Decentraland, Axie Infinity, and more! Which NFT collection or marketplace are you keeping an eye on? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Sigh. Folks, we cover the people, franchises, trends and things that fans of pop culture are passionate about… and unless we/you live in a cave, digital media's possibilities have unleashed the genie that are NFTs. We're not saying we buy into all the hype, but whether you or us like it, we need to educate ourselves, study the trend and cover it: that's literally why we exist. And, seeing volume of NFTs go from:
    2018 – $473,454
    2019 – $8,387,281
    2020 – $24,257,278
    2021 – $15,265,083,679
    then we can't put our head in the sand, either.

    There’s always gonna be pushback to anything outside of the usual things we cover but at the same time not having open blinders just makes one less relevant. People used to say the web was a fad. was hype… until it’s became a colossal worth $2 trillion. NFTs – like the Web itself – will evolve but as artists, directors, musicians embrace the universe, it's foolish to think in 5 or 50 years, they will disappear.

    We welcome the feedback and pushback: we're not becoming CryptoMojo, or NFTMojo… The first time I manned the comments section as Mr X and had the audacity to rank entries in top 10s, I looked outside my window fearing hordes of angry mobs with pitchforks. But over time, people appreciated how we studied and served up things, all kinds of things. These are the top 10 stories in the NFT world, we're not saying we're fans or critics… we ourselves are fans and students of the things we cover. We publish hundreds of videos per month and may do – sit down – one video per month on this.

    I am exaggerating the following analogy to make a point: but I'm sure when Netflix began its streaming business, some would have been offended if we covered "top 10 streamed shows on Netflix," as the purists would have wanted us to solely cover "the top 10 Blockbuster releases of the month." Yes, I know, "not the same thing," but the point is: we need to stick to our vision but adapt the tactics, so there may be some constructive feedback on how we can cover emerging topics like crypto, web3, NFTs better but I assure you not covering things out of fear of offending the vocal minority and suffering from inertia is a one way road to obsolescence.

    Enjoy the channel otherwise, and happy new year


    AK, aka Mr X.

  • The only top story about NTFs are that people are being suckered in.
    It is nothing more than a pyramidscheme type of sell, where a bunch of people can/will sell/buy NTFs amongst themself and slowly increase the price of one on one of those dumb marketplaces, and wait until some sucker thinks that it is worth something and then buys it, just to see it will never increase in power anymore, since the inner circle doesnt help pump up the price.

    NTFs are for suckers

  • I’m going to take out a second mortgage of my house inorder to get more NFT’s they will probably flip soon and it be all worth it
    Wish me luck

  • I do wonder how much money u have spare or simply how stupid you have to be to actually spend money on NFTs XD

  • well if you had video on top nft'f it would be fine but projects u chose are not of the same value as punks and APE

  • This is why I'm staying away from NFT hell.

  • Top 10 real life vampire/vampirism lol,,,

  • With the way things are going, we can be sure this video has at least over 400 dislikes. The comments are rationing the hell out of this video. Hell, considering how unpopular this subject is, I’d double it to 800 dislikes MINIMUM!

  • NFT are going to cause the second great depression.

  • Could someone PLEASE explain an NFT to me?? Explain it to me like I'm 5!!

  • Like Mayc is pumping so hard right now

  • RDW

    I came to read the comments about their opinions. Instead children are being children with extensions

  • Thanks for the screenshots

  • Nice video. Just screenshotted it

  • Top 10 scams people wasted their money on.

  • Oh, don't mind me. Just here to do my part in the dislikes. Fuck NFTs.

    P.S. get the extension for real satisfaction

  • I am starting to realize this: the ones who hate NFT's (and the video) are certainly poor and ugly, and are very likely old (24 years of older) as well. Basically, societal rejects who want to watch the world burn and hate rich and/or attractive people, especially those who are also young (in the age of 18-23).

    NFT haters are just mad they can't join in on the success and be successful as well.

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