Thursday, July 18, 2024

THORCHAIN (RUNE) Explained | 10X Sleeping DeFi Giant?!

THORCHAIN (RUNE) Explained | 10X Sleeping DeFi Giant?!

If you’ve ever wondered what is thorchain rune… this thorchain explained video will help answer that question!

In this video Adam explains:

– His thorchain rune crypto price prediction
– Upcoming events that could cause his 10X thorchain prediction to come true
– Why the rune token could go parabolic
– How to swap on thorchain or how to swap on thorswap
– How to provide liquidity on thorchain
– A full guide on thorchain rune explained

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0:00 THORchain a sleeping giant
1:00 ThORchain explained simply
2:05 How to swap on thorchain
4:00 How to earn yield
5:40 RUNE tokenomics
8:58 RUNE price action & risks
9:53 The 10X case…
14:15 Conclusion

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