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The ONLY Ganking Guide You'll EVER NEED – League of Legends

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  • Great information but i wish it were real! My teammates see me coming for the gank (after max pings) some how not notice that I'm ganking (muted pings? or making a sandwich?) to then not throw ANY of their abilities… we immediately proceed to play patty cake:

    " Patty cake, patty cake, bakers man, bake me a cake as fast as you can; pat and roll it, mark it with a B and put it in the oven for baby and me!"

  • on the macro level, I gank the strong early lanes and ignore the kayles and Kassadins till at least lvl6?

  • so basically i should not use slightly magical footwear?

  • All the jungling tips ull need : ignore top lane . Most of the times enemies do better 2v1 ( illaoi , aatrox , darius , morde etc etc etc etc ) . Dont waste ur time trying to gank this useless side of the map . Youre welcome

  • Questions in these vids always have a funny answer.

    I mean, it's always like: "look at this situation who do you think will win? The fed yasuo 23/0 or the irelia 1/4"
    -Me: ofc it'll be Yasuo
    -SkillCapped: Yes! Good job at paying attention to the close roaming scuttle scarab with the excessive amount of stuns to kill the yasuo barehanded
    -Me: ah right

  • 8:58 but my laners die all the time tho???? is it better to ignore them and farm a game?

  • Skillcapped : you need to evaluate which of your lane is worth hadling the most
    My game: every lane is autofilled
    Me in the chat: ff 15

  • 4:03 id argue that ls should be the one going in first, with a ward to be precise.
    his cripple allows nami to land her bubble ,which in turn allows him to land q more easily.

  • Great video but i think the one thing it doesn't cover is ganking angles , i think the graves clip is a perfect example of moving straight at the enemy champion when instead you want to get cutting off where they want to go. There are a lot of situations i see where my junglers also gank mid from the connecting river brush rather than taking the long way round and cutting of the escape angle of my opponents, just stuff like that. Just something i think should be covered in a ganking video 🙂 keep up the good work though!

  • the thing is, in many games my ganks are well done and I often get the kill… but afterwards my teammates simply feed and I can't carry the game alone; the last match at certain point I was 6/0 as Hecarim, 30 cs ahead of the enemy jg and also got 2 dragons by myself, but…even then I couldn't carry my 0/4 1/5 2/4 teammates and lost the game… it's just tilting at that point and probably unavoidable since shit like that happens all the time, unless I get the luck of having at least 2 decent teammates

  • 7:50
    It is also interesting to talk about hugging the wall of your enemies side, so you can reach it. It is a pretty simple idea that can help someone pick up a succesful gank.

    In this case, Graves knew the enemy didn't have vision, even so he appears much too soon (hugging the opposite wall of where he should go towards) and the enemy just uses one weak mobility ability and it is already unreachable. If he had taken the time to go towards the enemy side (since he was going to go there anyway while chasing), he would have much better chances to reach. Of course, there is also timing in this play, but I hope I made myself clear about positioning

    Of course there could be vision in other real scenarios, but while you are advancing, you read the enemies movements… If they are getting back, they have vision, you decide whether you would like to go or not… But many times they don't even react(even with vision), so you need to put yourself in the best position before showing on the map (in this case, reaching around close to their tower)

    It is so simple and I just remembered I'm not doing this yet. Simply forgot about it

  • 7:50 – You can see Fiora ulted Kayle and was about to procede to delete her. Graves knew he is not gonna kill, he just wanted to save her.

  • Grandmaster peak jg main here. This a a swell, and simple concept to digest. I link these to my lower elo friends who ask for advice

  • Tip: build tier two boots early

    Junglers: magical footwear

  • Skillcaped explained how to gank lanes
    Me,a shaco main: interesting

  • but why do pro junglers take magical footwear? they only get a tier 1 boot at around 10 mins, which laning phase is about to end

  • In that Nautilus example maybe it was becouse of how that specific scenario looked but i was going for Taliyah to go first becouse of how close to the wall Kaisa was standing and the angle Taliyah was coming from. Kaisa was so close to that wall that Taliyah could force her to move straight up into Nautilus if she ever wanted to avoid her CC guaranting that Nautilus CC hits. While that was very close to the wall specific i can se why they in general wanted Nautilus to go first.

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  • Can I please get a link to the soundtrack you guys use? I really love listening to it in the background

  • I bought their course, watched almost all the videos on the site, i got out of Diamond 4 to GrandMaster 711 LP, real good content, every new patch i come back to these guys to refresh some knowledge

  • Could you not argue that Lee sons q is way easier to hit than nami bubble and he has a slow which makes nami bubble easier to hit in that case.

  • That graves gank example was awful. He didn't need boots, he needed to path upwards instead of walking down to his side. He also backed off from a lvl 7 fiora without ult or riposte. Just bad gameplay in general.

  • Why is it not 2 mins in and this person is already wrong on the first two things they explained? I thought this was suppose to be THE guide but its not fully explaining anything.

  • Nice guide, useful information, sadly this does not work in low elo.

  • Shaco in the thumbnail but not in the video

  • 1:41 "you need to evaluate which of your lanes is worth handling the most"
    Proceeds to show jungle and support icons

  • i might use these for my roams

  • I used to play on autopilot, and feed shitload of games and get flamed for not ganking as elise. Now that i watched and learned from skillcapped, i now can only play 3-4 games a day cuz my brain overheats and i get stressed. However the quality of my play definitely improved cuz i hit gold 2 in kr server. Thanks skillcapped i watch u guys and my iq at least doubled i swear

  • About the Graves example… If he would have pathed straight to north instead of running directly into Fiora AND would have hit his smoke grenade Im pretty sure that would have been a kill anyway. 😀

  • V

    i play nunu if enemy is 1 step beyond the mid line i go gank✌️

  • 1. Dont show yourself too easily
    2. Prefer Lanes with CC or high dmg (except when gank is free obv)
    3. During Gank: More likely to hit cc first (e.g. point & click cc first, then skillshots)
    4. Keep your important skills to maintain pressure (e.g. to follow up dashes/flashes)
    5. Get Boots early to catch up quicker
    6. Dont force ganks if you have camps up if you feel the gank might fail

  • My brain have error xD you are saying about rushing boots tier 2 then why people picks magial boots in runes as a diana jungle ? If they won't get some kills they are without boots and cant buy normal either

  • Good guide, very informative

  • very useful information and I don't even play jungle. I might just start.

  • That bot lane play from about 4:45 onwards gave my conniptions.

  • Shouldnt Taliyah use E first in the example? To make it easier for Nautilus to land his hook? Not that it would be hard to land a Nautilus hook with that hitbox.
    The only way that could turn out bad is when Kaisa flashes out before nautilus can hook her..

  • 2:18 how is windwall at all relevant here? it doesnt block melee nor vlads damage

  • I do this in mobile MOBA games a lot, if I'm in a lane, I get ahead then I roam just for kills, then I disappear right after, which makes the opponent confused on where I am. I end up with over 10 kills each game lol
    League is way slower per game, since the mobile games last around 10 mins not 20-40 mins, so I will have to convert the way I play, into a slower style

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