Friday, June 14, 2024

The Disastrous Failure Of Neopets NFTs

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Today, let’s dive into the complete disaster that was the Neopets NFT launch. Did anyone want this? No! Did Neopets manage to alienate literally all of their fanbase? Yes! Was it all worth it? Probably not! Why does disaster, controversy, scandal, drama and embarrassment haunt Neopet’s every step? Let’s find out in today’s video, the story of the doomed Neopets NFT launch.

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❤︎❤︎ CHAPTERS ❤︎❤︎
0:00 Introduction
2:24 What Are Neopets/NFTs
7:38 A Doomed Announcement
13:24 Controversy
19:34 The Trashfire Continues
27:26 The Disastrous Launch

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All credit goes to the musicians and composers! This video is not meant to target or harass any person. This video does not condone or encourage anyone to harass or contact any person or persons discussed in this video. This video is purely for entertainment and informational purposes.

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  • Want FREE tickets to Japan? Use my code: IZZY10 and link: to become eligible to win the giveaway by subscribing to Bokksu, my code will get you 10% off your subscription! Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity available for anyone who subscribes until December 31st!

  • Nfts are just dumb to me. The whole concept is one giant scam. I prefer the actual physical plush and figures. To this day I still collect them. Since 2005 I have been on the hunt for a baby aisha. Because it is so rare and expensive. I just barely purchased the key quest version of the plush and it was not cheap but my dream to own a baby version is finally fulfilled. I just ordered a talking disco aisha as well and my goal is to collect every version and color aisha there is. I have most of them so far. Way better than some jpegs.

  • I feel like Neopets always died when it went mobile after the death of Flash on browsers anyway.
    Don't get me wrong, I get that time moves on and that newer and better forms of but TNT had PLENTY of time to incorporate a good chink of their website into the new format upon announcement rather than leaving it until the end to fix it.

    Now with this, nothing feels the same anymore. I don't feel like I can play it out of principle alone even though I miss my Shoyru and Korbat.

    I just wanna go back to the old Neopets when I was a child, y'know? TT_TT

  • Who has Jumpstart been hiring and getting ideas from, Dr. Sloth?

  • NFTs remind me of these Avatarmakers….with the difference that the Avatarmakers are Free.. 😂

  • making neopet nfts is literally just taking the basic core concept of a neopet and making it appeal to corny insecure reddit browsing 30 year old men

  • Never played Neopets, but with this video I realized I used to have a purple dragon toy from Neopets that my parents bought in a garage sale.

  • 10:14 I've argued with NFT enthusiasts before and it seems like "do your research" is their favorite comeback. It's not a valid argument, and pretty annoying.

  • Neopets NFTs were just adoptables but with a sliver of a fraction of the care put in

  • It's really impressive how many of your videos introduce me to things I never knew about. And also rather unsurprising how anything involving NFTs turns into a trash fire.

  • so people are selling ugly pictures that are bad for the enviroment AND expensive?
    Who's even buying that

  • Catch me recreating the most expensive nfts in game for free just to flex on cryptobros

  • OF COURSE neopets had nfts …. i sort of felt like playing the game that they were like the concept if nfts now. just to look at basically

  • wow commissioning artists sounds like a cool and novice idea! some of you should do that

  • This is hilarious to look back on since the NFT market crashed spectacularly.

  • For a brief 10 seconds I thought about getting into the NFT trade; as an artist it’s not hard to see it’s an extreme version of adoptables & I’ve seen what those are priced on DeviantArt so seeing the thousands that NFTS were going for, I thought it would be a quick buck to make. After doing bare minimum research, I saw how bad they were for the environment (same reason I never got into bitcoin craze) & the fact you still can’t guarantee someone won’t just right click. I personally have stopped following artists because they got into NFTS, it was a couple making beautiful artwork of their life/family life & they were/are well respected for what they’ve been able to accomplish with their art & teaching…. But starting NFTs felt dirty. Any NFT feels dirty when you see the general scope is just greedy people showing their greed & money. No thank you.

  • Bruh don't insult picrew like that. At least artists on there put more than 2 minutes of effort into their art. 😭

  • I feel like a clever way they might've been able to get old neopets people into this would be to base it on the already-existant marketplace! They're building it from scratch this time and can support the old artwork styles that don't exist anymore, since presumably they have access to all the assets. Plus you wouldn't need to have them named something stupid the way that they do on Neopets proper, since it could be tied to the NFT and the name would just be an aesthetic change.

    ah but look at me trying to make something good out of this when it obviously never had any intention to be such

  • Too much to ask Neopets to abandon their NFT deals?
    A respectable company needs to swoop in and buy Neopets from Jumpstart and its parent company.
    Until then I will continue to use proper, I just won’t give them any of my money.

  • Are you from nz? First video I’ve seen of yours and so unexpected! ☀️☀️

  • @tamago2474 you dodge a bullet

  • * funny since my mom used to be on the neopets team (she did support and stuff like that) and then kaboom. Nft:(

  • Here's to NFTs, they're slowly fading into obscurity as of today and ppl are jumping ship ♡

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