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The COMPLETE Sunwell Plateau Guide in UNDER 9 MINUTES

I’m proud to present The COMPLETE Sunwell Plateau Guide in UNDER 9 MINUTES — If you’re planning on going into swp in tbc classic, watch this.
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The Kalecgos fight is against two bosses: Kalecgos and Sathrovarr. If either one reaches 10% health, they both enrage, so it’s important to split damage equally between them. Sathrovarr exists only in the spectral realm. Kalecgos casts Spectral Blast which does arcane damage in an 8-yard radius around the target (So you’ll want to stay loosely spread out), and teleports that target to the spectral realm, and leaves behind a portal for other raid members to travel to the spectral realm. Your raid will assign portal groups beforehand so pay attention to your raid lead so you know when to click a portal. Portals spawn every 15-25 seconds, and you can only stay in the spectral realm for 60 seconds. Kalecgos also casts Arcane Buffet: dealing arcane damage and applying a stacking debuff increasing arcane damage taken. Lasts 40 seconds. Going to the spectral realm for 60 seconds gives you time to lose this debuff. If in a desperate situation Ice Block, Divine Shield, and Cloak of Shadows all remove the debuff. Kalecgos is a dragon so don’t stand behind him or in front of him because of Tail Lash and Frost Breath. He also casts Wild Magic randomly. Sathrovarr casts Shadow Bolt Volley hitting 3 targets, Corrupting Strike causing burst damage, and Curse of Boundless Agony. Decurse this curse sooner than later since the longer it’s up, the more damage it does. When it’s decursed it jumps to a new target. Once both are brought to 1% health you win the fight and this loot drops.

Brutallus uses Meteor Slash which does massive fire damage split between targets in front of the caster and increases fire damage taken by 75%. Because of this you’ll want to split your raid into two groups like this. Melee is always behind the boss, so they aren’t part of these groups. Each group will soak 3 Meteor Slashes and then the tank on the opposite side will taunt after brutallus uses Stomp. Stomp does physical damage and causes a 50% armor reduction debuff, so that’s why the other tank will need to taunt after the Stomp. Stomp also removes the Burn debuff. Burn is cast randomly and does increasing fire damage over 60 seconds. If you get this debuff break away from your group and make sure you don’t get hit by Meteor Slash because you’ll probably die. Kill Brutallus before he Berserks at 6 minutes and he drops this loot.

Felmyst has two phases: ground and air. During the ground phase face felmyst away from the raid because of Cleave. You’ll want to spread out evenly into 3 groups so Priests can Mass Dispel Gas Nova. Felmyst will also cast Encapsulate on a random player and you need to get away from them ASAP since they will be doing lots of AOE arcane damage to anyone within 20 yards. Healers pay attention if tanks get the Corrosion debuff, and keep up with raid healing caused by Noxious Fumes.
Once felmyst begins the air phase, ranged dps continue on the boss, but watch threat to not overtake the tank. If you get targeted by Demonic Vapor (a giant green beam), run away from it. The trail left by the beam creates skeletons – gather them up and aoe them down. Felmyst will cast 2 Demonic Vapors then will use Fog of Corruption. This covers 1/3 of the area and mind controls anyone caught in it. You must avoid this at all costs. Once Fog of Corruption is used 3 times, Felmyst will land and the Ground phase begins again.
Rinse and repeat and you’ll have defeated the winged horror Felmyst. She drops this loot.
Next is a long stretch of trash mobs. If you wipe before you reach the next boss, the mobs will all respawn, so make sure not to wipe. This leads to…
The Eredar Twins.


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