Sunday, May 19, 2024

The Celebrity NFT Craze is Insufferable

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The Celebrity NFT Craze is Insufferable

Hey everyone welcome back to my channel! Today we’re going to be looking at celebrities again but instead of definitively ranking cringey celebrity couples we’re actually going to be looking at something much cringier… the scammy side of celebs. It’s true even actual celebrities don’t seem to be immune to pushing the same kind of scams to their audience that you see influencers typically fall into and this time it’s NFTs. I’m sure if you’ve been on the internet in the past few months you’ve seen some iteration of a cartoon monkey or a lion or.. whatever other animal they’ve turned into a doodle circulating on the internet and they happen to be a common form of an NFT. If you’re on Twitter you’ve definitely seen them considering it seems to be there and Discord that have the highest population of Crypto Bros pushing their products. But the thing is the crypto bros aren’t new, what is new in the past month especially is what feels like a suspiciously choreographed wave of celebrities suddenly all coming out publicly praising NFTs.

People like Reese Witherspoon, Paris Hilton, Justin Bieber, Jimmy Fallon, Liam Payne and even our Goop lord Gwyneth have suddenly become extremely vocal about their new NFT purchases that happen to be… extremely ugly drawings of cartoon monkeys (i.e Bored Ape)? I don’t think you could find a single person (who wouldn’t profit off saying so) who actually thinks these monkey drawings are worth any kind of money and it’s hilarious watching celebrities not only fork over millions of dollars for them but also stumble over themselves trying to convince their audience that not only do they LOVE their new NFTs but want to get their fans in on the fun too!

So i thought it’d be a fun video to look into the recent promotional tour that celebrities seem to be on with their NFTs this past month. If there are any other situations you can think of that have happened recently definitely be sure to share them below I’d love to hear about them lol. Also!! If you want a more informative take on NFTs in general I would definitely recommend this video: “Line Goes Up – The Problem With NFTs” by Folding Ideas that I recently saw, it was SO incredibly well done and insightful so if you’ve got the time I’d definitely suggest checking it out:

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