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Tesla Buying Guide | Inflation Edition 2022 Model S, 3, X, Y

An updated breakdown of all of Tesla’s cars, which one you should buy, and what could be coming in the future.

► Model 3 Review:
► Model Y Review:
► Model S Review:
► Model X Review:
► 9 Electric Car Benefits:

► Best Model Y Floor Mats:
► & More (2nd Channel):
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► Top 15 Tesla Model Y Accessories:
► My Favorite Tesla Model Y Accessories:
► Jeda Dock & Charging Pad:
► Teslacam by Pure Tesla:

► GoPro Max 360 Camera:
► The Camera I Use:
► Camera Cage I Use:
► My B-Camera:
► My Favorite Lens:
► 28mm Lens:

► How I Film Drone Shots:
► The Gimbal I Use:
► How I Record Audio:
► Shotgun Mic I Use:
► Lapel Mic I Use:
► Tripod I Use:
► Favorite Video Light:

Top 16 Tesla Model Y Accessories:
1. Screen Protector
► Elon Accessories:
► Cheaper Option:

2. Floor Mats
► Model Y Floor Mats (3D Maxpider):
► Model 3 Floor Mats (3D Maxpider):

3. Performance Pedal Covers

4. License Plate Mount
► Quick Bandit:

5. Dashboard Cap Cover

6. Center Console Organizer
► NEW Console:
► OLD Console:

7. JEDA Dock, Hub & Organizer

8. Center Console Wraps
► Old Console Pieces:
► Old Console Vinyl Wrap:
► New Console Wrap:

9. Sunglasses Holder

10. HEPA Filters

11. Scent Wedge: 5% OFF with Code: RYAN

12. Cyber Trash Mini Trash Can

13. PPF & Tinting
► Detail Union:
► 405 Motoring:

14. Cleaning Products
► Two Bucket Wash Setup:
► Pressure Washer:
► Foam Cannon:

► Speed Wipe:
► Inner Clean:
► Streak-Free Glass Cleaner:
► After Wash:

► Microfiber Cloths:

15. J1772 Charging Lock

16. Model Y Mud Flaps

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  • UPDATE: Tesla no longer improves delivery time by adding FSD as of 3/28

  • So basically, not a great time to buy cars right now. Try waiting a few years for the inflation to go down, also tesla might make some new models in a few years. I will try waiting until the end of dec 2022 to see what happens to the prices.

  • I added my FSD after this date on 03/30 and I am receiving my Y this week. I was told it was because I added FSD. I’m in Canada.

  • I've seen three of your videos and enjoy them. You mention in the accessory video there are links to the products at the bottom. I've looked and can't seem to locate them. Any help would be appreciated. Mitch

  • 15:11 I rented a Tesla Model S in Cali for 2 weeks on Turo and it had 21" wheels. I popped 2 tires and had to pay to replace them in 2 weeks with normal road driving. 1 was an unlucky screw in a parking lot and the other was an unseen, unknown scrape sound on the highway on the way to the airport. The mechanic replacing the tire said the 21" wheels are a weird size with very few options of tire and are this more expensive.

  • Congrats on the new car. FSD will be solved this year.

  • that's very nice ! 🙂 i love yoke steering wheel ❤ . if anyone want to buy yoke , i can help you they are giving a discount . and they are high quality!

  • They kinda have to raise prices, the price of lithium has gone insane, in the span of 3 years the price of lithium gone from 6k$ per ton to 78k$ per ton.

  • I ordered my Model 3 Basic 4 days ago and it said delivery Jun – Aug, 2 days after I put the money down it changes to Aug – Oct. I'm fine with it just gives my ore time to safe a few more bucks to put down on it. BUT WOW what a change.

  • Really useful guide! Thank you for your hard work, Ryan! ⚡🚘

  • cant wait to eventually afford one of these and for my country to make them slightly more viable to own a EV

  • 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🪄💯

  • I just put a deposit for Lucid Air Pure. With the tax credit, 3-years free charging, excellent mileage and technology, it is a no brainer to me.

  • The Standard range model y has already came, but they removed it entering febuary as it does not meet teslas range standards.

  • Jeee always the same salad of information!

  • I would’ve recommended putting the previous prices

  • Hi I got a Tesla model 3 about 3 months ago and got question for u Tesla fans. How do I clean my Tesla screen with water or chemicals cleaner? Which one? I just can’t find a good answer?

  • The problem is that most, 80-90% of people in the US do NOT have dedicated parking spots/garages. So they have no way of charging at home.

  • I do love my Model Y, that said, with all the price increases lately Tesla might be shooting themselves in the foot. I say this becasue there's competition on. the horizon from every auto maker worldwide. The old saying don't price yourself out of the market.

  • Timely Manner… I ordered a long range Model Y with the larger wheels back in Sept. 2021. Initially the delivery was estimated to be Dec. 2021. Then it was pushed back to Feb. 2022 then March – April 2022. Then last week it was pushed back to Sept – Oct 2022. I feel like they are jerking me around. The upside is I got the price from Sept. 2021, that's great as we all know there has been multiple increases. Downside, I need to finance about half and interest rates will increase multiple times this year. It just happened which increased the rate I'll pay by .25. So much for the Sept. 2021 price. At this point I'm stuck because because of this long delivery time and if I go looking for another Tesla or other EV, I'll be waiting a very long time and pay 10 grand above sticker for Ford, Subaru, Kia, etc.

  • I’m now priced out. I had been saving up for the original standard range Model Y ($39K), but now with the cheapest model being $63K, it’s no longer a reality. I understand inflation, but a $24K price hike in such a short time frame is intense. I’m in the market for a $40K-ish EV (like I need one today lol) and with the Y being too expensive and the stop sale on the EUV’s…it’s hard to find anything 🥴

  • Hey Ryan, what are the downsides for buying a used tesla from tesla. It says it comes with self driving and already the color I want. I'm curious if tesla would want us to do the monthly payments for self driving

  • We seriously were looking at an M3 long range but with the last price hike walked away. Sounds silly, but ended up with an ioniq hybrid. It cost us a little more than 1/3 of what the M3 would have.

    I know. The cars aren't comparable in almost any way, but it's cheap on gas, and hopefully car prices normalize at some point. Wish I would've put an order in on a Y two years ago. The more you know…

  • Insane how the market is today. I ordered my m3 long range back in July 2020. Took two weeks to get it and got the rebates/incentives. Crazy to see the markups now.

  • Been thinking about getting a model 3 for a while, and although i'd be fine with the standard range i'm always wondering if the premium audio is worth the price increase. Have anyone tried the standard vs long range?

  • ian

    ffs why pay 60,000 for a car oh I just remembered you guys in the USA are completely fu*ked without a car. No public transport to talk of miles and miles of barren suburbia you have to use a car to go anywhere

  • They look so cheap looking, like a 1970 Datsun or Toyota. One of my friends bought one, the bumper falling off on the motorway was the final straw. Heap of scrap.

  • if any one finds a hack to get earlyer delivery don't expose it online

  • Any idea when giga Texas will be shipping model Y’s to the west coast? From what I hear at local Tesla dealers giga Texas will only be shipping to Midwest United States and the East Coast. Fremont will be shipping model Y’s to California Oregon Washington Idaho Nevada New Mexico. I believe at some time Fremont will shut down their model Y production when giga Texas is fully up and running?

  • Ryv

    I sorely wish EAP was still an option, even at 5K maybe, I would almost certainly have financed it or likely charged to card otherwise… though it seems wishful thinking that they wluld bring it back ;w; Still, my CTDM has FSD locked in at 7K from 2020 so hopefully that holds.

  • LFP SR Model 3 also charges faster and can be charged daily to 100%. seems better value. all those prices are so far off the announced prices
    64k before tax for a model Y VS 39k announced price
    48k for a 3 VS 35k
    It's +64% and +37% price increase, even if you account for slightly better specs and inflation, it's still massive.
    a an ID4 /ioniq 5/EV6/polestar 2 with good value + full tax credit sounds like a better deal. I think Teslas are overpriced because of the superchargers advantage. being able to charge at more chargers, cheaper, more easily, and especially more reliably. once you remove charging advantage, and the ever delayed and also overpriced FSD, those cars become viable alternatives

    If your planning on keeping your ev for a long time, and Electrify america improves anywhere near the 5bn plan, and tesla keeps opening their supercharger network, those EV's could become more and more useful as charging gets easier
    Used Teslas with FSD could get a sizeable bump in value though, if/when FSD is eventually released

  • I have been told by Tesla that FSD does NOT transfer to a new owner when a used Tesla is sold through a 3rd party dealer (not tesla) anybody experience this or otherwise?

  • The “Silver Metallic” color you mention is actually called “Midnight Silver” and is dark gray. Until October 2018 Tesla offered the bright silver color called “Metallic Silver”, which I selected for my 2018 M3 and hope that Tesla will offer again in the future. Occasionally a used Metallic Silver Tesla will show up on Tesla’s used inventory page.

  • Very safe love Tesla example A: guy still jump his rental s like nothing happen lol

  • Hi Ryan,
    Great videos, I noticed you filmed in our area of Rosedale. Do you live by?

  • Bought '19 M3 LR off VROOM w/12k miles right b4 the huge price jump. I lucked out b/c my same car spec is now $10k-12k more afterwards. Like Richie Builds said, have gas vehicle on hand… especially for me since I live in a place where Tesla is not so popular.

  • I ordered a Model Y long range in Black in Nov 2021 with a delivery month of Jun 2022. My delivery window is now Aug-Sep 2022. I don't have an issue with Tesla altering delivery dates of new orders based on the what a customer orders but backing up existing orders in favor of new orders is BULLSHIT!

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