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TRANSCRIPTIONAL FACTORS: Gene regulation and the role of oestrogen explained.

Learn what a transcriptional factor is and how they can control whether transcription can occur (switching on/off genes). Learn the role of oestrogen in activating transcriptional factors. For past paper questions linked to this topic click these links. Any questions or feedback please comment below 🙂 Don’t forget to subscribe. Recommended Revision and textbooks: A-level AQA A-level Biology textbook (this is what I use at my school)- OUP CGP revision guide CGP workbook Maths skills for A-level […]

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Regulation of Gene Expression: Operons, Epigenetics, and Transcription Factors

We learned about gene expression in biochemistry, which is comprised of transcription and translation, and referred to as the “central dogma” of molecular biology. But how is this process regulated? How does a cell know which genes to express and when? Well it’s pretty complicated, but let’s just get our feet wet by looking at operons, epigenetics, and transcription factors! Watch the whole Biology/Genetics playlist: General Chemistry Tutorials: Organic Chemistry Tutorials: Biochemistry Tutorials: Anatomy & Physiology Tutorials: […]

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