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Become very very important | #Blockchain courses from #upGrad | Umeed ki 'Kiran' | #Tech courses

Are you the Kiran of your organisation? If not, then what are you waiting for? Be very very important with the best in class Blockchain courses from upGrad. Check the course details here: #Blockchain #software #TechCoursesFromupGrad #VVIPwithupGrad Get in touch with us via: Toll-Free number: 1800 210 2020 WhatsApp Chat: +91 8454 888 222 upGrad is now offering 15+ tech courses in collaboration with top-notch global universities like Caltech (USA), Purdue (USA), Liverpool John Moores University (UK), […]

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NFTs Crashing?! What I'm Buying

In this video I discuss what’s going on with the market for Azuki and Zagabond, as well as collections I’m looking at such as Moonbirds and RTFKT Clonex and MNLTH. I also talk about ProjectPXN as money from Azuki helped boost it’s price above 5e. My Socials: **Timestamps** 00:00 Intro 00:32 Firesale 01:42 Azuki Situation 09:09 PXN 11:49 RTFKT 14:40 Outro ************************************************************************ **LOGO DESIGNED BY** Ink_somnia: **OUTRO MUSIC BY** ************************************************************************ eth, sol, ethereum, solana, nft games, gaming […]

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The Loud House Back To School Supplies Guide! 📝 + EXCLUSIVE Bonus Clip! | Nick

The Louds are going back to school 🚌… but all of their school supplies got mixed up in a giant pile of STUFF! Help us look through the pile and find the RIGHT school supply for each Loud sibling! Don’t forget to SCHOOL us with YOUR favorite school supplies in the comments below. Class is in session! 📝 🎒Catch more of The Loud House on Nick! #TheLoudHouse #BacktoSchool #Nick #Nickelodeon Subscribe if you love Nickelodeon and want […]

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