Thursday, July 18, 2024

Should social media be regulated? I Inside Story

It’s a long-running debate: how should we regulate the internet and social media?
While sites including facebook and twitter allow us to share information, they’ve also become places for illegal and harmful content to thrive.
The UK now wants those firms to be more responsible.
The government will appoint its Broadcast regulator Ofcom as an online watchdog, with powers to force companies to take down certain material.
Other countries such as Germany and Australia have brought in measures to control online content.

But is regulation the answer? And can it be done without violating personal freedoms?

Presenter: Nastasya Tay


David Erdos – Deputy Director, Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law (CIPIL) at the University of Cambridge.

Eliska Pirkova – Europe Policy Analyst for Access Now, a digital rights advocacy group.

Meera Selva – Director, Journalism Fellowship Programme, Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at the University of Oxford.

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  • Thanks for the news story.

  • I Think News Medias Needs To Be Governed.

  • You cant do this without infringing on peoples rights and it will cause billions of dollars in lawsuits against Facebook etc

  • Yes and given a set of well defined rules. Many years ago we had the "Fairness Doctrine". Reagan removed it so the GOP got an upper hand. Now the Liberals have an upper hand and GOP wants fairness. It was a mistake to remove it. We have cycles and all sides will benefit from media which allows more ideas. Today the conservatives; tomorrow the liberals

  • Since we're all hooked on cheap energy annihilating all life, who occupies a superior position enabling them to censor "harmful content"?

  • Cyberrobot on Instagram is real and honest. He got my account and that of my wife recovered. You can contact him if you wish to recover your Facebook, gmail or Tiktok account. Cyberrobot on Instagram is your best shot.

  • Everyone should be given a number that access the internet and can be compared to a drivers license number. Wishing death on each other or cyber bullying etc. should be punishable by being banned from the internet for a good amount of time. Any account you have rather it’s PlayStation or Instagram that is tied with that internet access number you have should be affected as well.

  • Well, who knew Marion Cotillard works as an EU policy analyst as a side gig!!!!

  • im doing an essay on this, please, does anyone know what the current laws are in the UK regarding this and how it has changed since this was posted? Thx

  • free speech on social media is too IMPORTANT to be determined by a lowsy bunch of tech executives that cares about cash only.They do this under pressure from goverments by remuving content and turning off comments…….are we going to have a chinese planet ? or are we mooving foward.The internet was yes a military invention but the choice to enrich humanity had been made and Tech EXECUTIVES should not be able to apply cencorship , THEY ARE UNELECTED and UNACCOUNTABLE and last but not least THEY ARE SO EAGER TO SERVE DICTATORS.

  • Tom

    freedom is a double edged sword but its worth it in the end

  • Social media should not be able to sensor or regulate anything, they are one of our last outlets for speaking the truth as we know it; i would go as far as to say social media that is monitored and controlled, (the way they are heading) is no longer social and is more aptly named communist media.

  • I don't believe everything on social media, and since coronavirus i don't believe mainstream media

  • Considering social media as became more dangerous Dan nukes yes it should be regulated

  • Sorry I really I mean if if you really had a case you would you would go to the courts and have it done but the thing about it is I don't think you have a case because the stuff that you're mad about is probably stuff that they're upset about because you did earlier and you don't want to talk about that part because well it might incriminate you and that these people might have been right and what they said sorta but they didn't do what you did you did wrong but you wanted them to be punished for your wrong and I can't do that in all reality I'm supposed to punish you because of what you did to them that's why you're there with them people you want them to persecute us for yourself

  • Honeywell nice people come blatantly out and tweet and show a little thing exactly what they're going to do to you or somebody post that because they seen it or whatever and they put the film out where these people are going to do something like say the DNC is going to rig the primary somehow I mean that's okay is that okay with you that they can do that there to your candidate is that right so is it okay if we just jump out there and rig the party for Trump over there somehow I think you don't like it because word gets around pretty fast you know and the truth does hurt once in awhile and when the DNC says they're going to rig your primary or throw a bunch of nasty ads at your at your candidate the same and he's in the same party and there ain't no law against that or is that just one of them things were it's okay to do this like your Adam Schiff said no I don't think it's okay that you do this and then count the votes to no I don't think so I don't think it's okay there ought to be a law okay

  • communism loves to regulate social media like aljazebra fake news. 🎉😂😂

  • 1:06 it's funny becouse she did it to herself.. 😀

  • Defamation laws should be tightened around the world so that anyone defamed on social media can sue for a minimum $1 Million Dollars.

  • Finally some Punjabi-English-speaking channel

  • Protecting the children's safety is their parents' job. When did we all somehow forget this?
    Protecting them from offense is child abuse. If you don't let your child get offended once in a while, they'll grow up to be frail and ineffectual. Let your kids know how ugly the world really is, so they'll be ready for it when they see it.

  • I just hope they regulate those fake news only. Or track those criminals.

  • From what I observed, nowadays people are too sensitive. Something too small offensive words, people all over the internet suddenly attacks that commentator. Calling names etc.

  • I praise and thank God, The Creator of us all. I urge people to not take nude photos of others and themselves. I do not do that, and I am very happy; I thank God. So Glorious God Is!

  • everything public needs regulation or profiteers like gop liarLiar mafiaDon will exploit4personal Gain2spread moreLies (Y)

  • Really good quality world news channel this Al Jazeera

  • Just turn the power off, now it's regulated lol

  • Dictatorship happen if it is regulated

  • Not by governments.
    But private companies like YouTube can do ANYTHING they want and it's NOT censorship. It's just business.

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