Saturday, June 3, 2023

Runescape Green Dragon Guide 500k per Hour

You are addicted to video games. Oh fine, you’re going to come at with the “1 only play one hour of video games after a stressful day at work”. No you don’t!
You end up watching hours of content regarding video games after playing!
“Runescape Green Dragon Guide 500k per Hour” was what I did when I wasn’t playing video games and I’m pretty sure if you play video games, you do that too!
Video games are ruining your life.
Video games are bad for you. Want to know why? Watch the video

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  • Playing 1000s of hours on a game you will eventually quit is such of shame

  • I live in a third world country there is no beauty

  • this is one I don't entirely agree with bro
    you don't have to forsake all pleasures for self improvement
    video games are a great way to relax and take your mind off the stresses of everyday life
    With a full time job, going to the gym nearly everyday, and taking care of my brother, the stress would be way outta my control without an easy way to escape for a period

  • Nah but seriously bro you got any tips for Runescape

  • This video almost made me cry

  • "the beauty of the world" editor puts up hitlers castle, editor on demon time

  • disappointed i couldn't learn how to get 500k on green dragon, but grateful to be blessed with adonis

  • I really needed someone to say they're proud of me hamza thank you so much… i was down bad on playing video games& watching at least 4 hours youtube&twitch per day and i did that for so long that my grades went down so bad i went to a vocational high school and learnt nothing during high school literally playing video games FUCKED my life up, i used to play football in a local club and i stopped doing it when i first find out about video games. more than 6-7 years into video games fucked my life. I'm so proud of myself that i fixed that problem and got rid of videogames in any means. Now i am dealing with problems like not waking up early enough or not putting enough work in or missing a workout etc. im so glad that these are my problems right now and i be like "imagine if i put the 6-7 years into business, school, gym etc." and it makes me sad but we are developing and that's the good thing innit

  • Ah. A man of culture I see

  • Fucking a bro I need to stop playing games. They’re holding me back so much in life… I’m like that fucking inner Jeffrey outer Chad and listening to Hamza perfectly describe me hurts. I’ve been feeling like a loser POS and this solidifies it.

  • Duckling hell used to be me 😭 I’d be rich as fuck if I just had AAAAHDONISSSS genes 💪🏾❤️😂

  • but …. i really only play for a hour that too in 2-3 sessions😢

  • Hamza I love a respect you my brudda but I feel like your view is floored and not very insightful. I'm not saying video games are all good but like everything if used for its benefits are amazing. How are video games not the same as watching a movie or reading a novel? Video games are the culmination of the culture, experiences and artistic vision of the hundreds of people who work to create it. I believe from what you have told me that these people are Adonises, they graft every day and poor their soul into projects like these and most importantly they do the hard work when they don't feel like doing it despite delays set backs and looming deadlines they keep their heads down and its worth it for a damn good product. Obviously not all video games are like this many are lazy cash grabs, but games like ELDEN RING are amazing artistic breakthroughs and I understand how you don't really appreciate them because you don't understand it and maybe you should try to. Video games give me an experience that I can not experience in my daily life, which is a similar to reading great classic novels like dracula or Lord of the rings. Like all things video games in healthy moderation can inspire you and encourage your creativity and imagination. What I have learnt from you hamza is that I can chose my path to becoming like Adonis and that to really change my self I need to do what I believe and not listen to you all the time and do exactly everything you tell me to do. I love you bro but no amount of videos you put out will change my passion for video games. Keep up the content you inspire me every day ❤

  • I'm really grateful that I have found your channel. I'm at the moment in life when i realised that there are many things I have to change, your channel is a blessing, at least for me, very motivating. I'm just escaping the video games shithole and as you said, it is hard, and addictive. Even though, choosing a 1h walk around the forest instead of playing games makes you feel so much better and more attached to your mind and body. Thanks for inspiring content!!

  • Imagine someone is really searching for that and clicking on this video lmao

  • This video is masterpiece.

  • Touching grass is helping me a lot right now.

  • There's nothing wrong with playing games however playing games for hours nonstop is the problem if you can time manage then go ahead play video games and it's also not like you have to completely stop playing video games to become this giga Chad no the problem isn't with video games its with the people playing them too much of anything is bad not just video games

  • wtf wheres the video? This is clickbait bro, totally not cool or inslpiriting. -rep

  • That's cool and all, but I've tried going outside and nature is fine, but to really enjoy it you need to go places, which costs money, which in turn makes me have to deal with people which I seriously cannot stand anymore.
    I've gone outside, touched grass even for years of my life, only to find out that is just as much of a waste of time, only difference is that one burns me out because I have to deal with clout chasing, ravenous, thoughtless, "my way or the highway" preaching, belligerent "people" and the other one I only have to be social with my partner.
    I loved the world, people just ruined it for me.

    To me, this video is just like a family birthday: just another douche who doesn't give a shit about me trying to judge me into reforming myself to fit the psychopathic mold of society disguised as something fun.

  • J C

    Bruh runescape had me by the nuts for a decade of my life 🤮🤮

  • Just found this channel and am going to give up video games and see how it goes. I mostly play them because I can talk to friends, but maybe I’ll try actually doing things in the real world.

  • I went with my 14yr old best friend ( since kindergarten ) who has now been playing elden ring and smoking all day. I try to bring him to reality but I broke when I brought him to this spot to look at the stars and he stared at his phone

  • For a long time I fell bad to be not able to spend hours and hours woodcutting in runescape. Now i fell happy. Kisses from brazil my king

  • Bro I’ve cried about this shit bro, I’m sad for my kids generation having to go to school with these Jeffrey’s

  • I quitted playing games recently. I realized how much of a waste of time it is. My friends urged me that it is beneficial but, I disagreed. Sure, I had fun playing with my friends but in the end what did I gain?

  • May Allah guide you man. This video really resonated with me.

  • Bro ur indian shut up

  • I do genuinely enjoy nature but I’m in Saudi Arabia were nature not provided enough. When I do travel to countries that are filled to the brim with green, I just fell way better but unfortunately that happens too little

  • G T

    not gonna lie this clickbait was on point

  • Didnt watch the video yet, but this thumbnail is bullshit

  • But what about killing noobs in the wilde Hamza!?

  • me watching this video knowing full well that i play videogames farming their currency for a living since its more profitable than any job be like: x,d (PD: i dont play runescape, its other games, i still watch your vids and try to self improve, xoxo)

  • Now, this is a clickbait people

  • I’ve taken a few 40-ish minute walks around my town/neighborhood(I live in the suburbs) in the last week and it feels really good. I’ve ignored the space and community around me for a quite a while. I played video games a lot in middle school and my past few years of high school. Now that I’m taking some walks I feel like I’m absorbing the world around and becoming more mindful at the same time. I really understand what you meant by appreciating the sun hitting the trees and grass glistening in the light. It’s fucking beautiful, man.

  • Damn you caught me @Hamza.

  • Lmao when I saw the title I knew what was coming

  • The reason i play video games is because the fun things in life are too expensive ….and crowded feels like any path i take someone else’s footprints were already there so whats the point someones already done it i’ll just do what i like till i die. My choices don’t matter as a man my feelings don’t matter and are told to suck it up grow up” your not allowed to feel. But women aren’t traditional women and we have to be traditional men how the fuck is that equality? The worlds logic is fucked or i was born fucked up so fuck the world.

  • imagine you can play Video games and going out in nature with friends at the same time? its all about the right Balance my friend..

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