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Regulation of gene expression, positive and negative regulation, Constitutive and inducible gene

Hello Dear students! Welcome to my channel ‘Medical Globe by Dr Hadi
This is Dr Hadi Gold medalist Lecturer Pharmacy Department University of Baluchistan Quetta Pakistan
About This Video
In this Video lecture You will learn Basic concept of gene expression regulation positive and negative gene regulation constitutive gene and inducible gene
About This Channel
This Channel Provides lectures of all subjects medical field of specially of Biochemistry, Pharmacology for MBBS and Pharm-D covering all over Pakistan Universities and colleges and other countries where Urdu or English is common language
The Lectures are delivered in highly simple and conceptual level so that every student from low grade to sharp grade can take help from.
These Lectures can cover most of the medical competitive Exams like mdcat ,Etea CSS, MBBS Entrance Test etc

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