Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Psyche Coin ~ The Future of DeFi Crypto

Welcome to Psyche Coin and in today’s video, we will discuss Psyche Coin which is the future of Cryptocurrency.

From that necessity, Psyche Coin has born as a faster and more user-friendly cryptocurrency. Psyche is revolutionizing the potential blockchain technology to follow an easy method that is understandable for everyone.

Psyche provides the easiest wallet ID on the cryptocurrency market that ensures a transaction time of fewer than 3 seconds. Psyche also allows each receiver to accept or reject incoming transactions while protecting each transaction with a secure 6 digit code.

Named after a valuable Asteroid, Psyche Coin is a stable currency with a face value of $1 per coin with a focus on accurate exchange prices and free transactions in the remittance market. Based on a specially designed RefleX Algorithm, Psyche Coin offers the easiest way for the nontechnical people to connect with the cryptocurrency benefits.

Ø Security: In the app, the user is being allowed to set a private key and pin to authenticate the transaction. Certain information can never be cracked because Psyche utilizes cryptography to save the account information. The account credentials are encrypted, remains stored, and only users have the authority to reset the password. Users can also add another layer of security using 2FA with Google authenticator.

Ø Speed: In Psyche, you can have speedy progress of transaction as it does not require the entire network to approve and process each transaction. Therefore, the transaction reaches just in a second. The system can manage up to 3000 transactions per second and it is upgradable.

Ø Signed Transaction: Psyche knows the consequences you face if you send money to a wrong address. Therefore, we implemented a six-digit unique code bound to submit for the completion of a transaction. The encrypted code is visible to the sender only which can be shared with the receiver.

Ø Cost: Another benefit of using Psyche is its cost minimization policy. Psyche can be transferred from one wallet to the other without any charge for five transactions in a day. After five free transfers, the user will be charged only 0.25 percent per transaction. There is no other interceder or any kind of hidden costs.

Ø Scalability: Psyche conforms with strong scalability due to having the innovative algorithm and process. Users can have the facility of pairing with the smartphone around the world to enjoy the smart transaction system. Psyche can manage millions of active users in a day.

With applications across various
• Industries
• Marketplace
• Payments
• Remittance
• Shopping
• Everyday usage

Psyche is highly concerned that the users don’t have to compromise with freedom, comfort, and security while transacting. Be a part of Psyche Coin today and let’s write the story together.
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