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Project Zomboid Must Have Items For Any Player! New Player Guide, Beginner Tips & Tricks!

In this video we take a look at the must have items for any player in Project Zomboid! This guide is aimed at new players, providing beginner tips to those in need. That said, you might find some tips even if you play the game frequently!

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  • What items did I miss? Let me know in the comments!

  • What system? I just heard of this game and I want to try.

  • For new players I highly recommend the status bar mods. It shows every single meter and allows you to understand the games mechanics better. Yes it’s a bit cheaty but it helps new players. Aka me.

  • You actually don't need leather gloves to clear out broken glass from a broken window to prevent getting cuts on hands, just a weapon in your hand. Picking up the shards on the floor however will probably result in a cut. I never got cut from clearing a window but I did get cut from picking up glass. Also, do not walk over the broken shards if you're shoes broke.

  • An honorable mention is that you can also disinfect rags and bandages with a filled cooking pot in a stove. Just turn the stove on and let the water heat up, and then you should have the option to disinfect.

  • Commentary: In regards to medicine, there are a few things I tend to do. I like to travel pretty light so I don't carry much in the way of medical supplies on me.

    My standard loadout in the beginning is sterilized ripped sheets as soon as I find a cooking pot. These will help to prevent infection and are light compared to adhesive bandages (which are also sterile by default). It's not hard to find alcohol wipes, and those are what I use in the beginning.

    Later on, once I've scavenged up cotton balls and some bottles of disinfectant I use that to make doused cotton balls. These also disinfect the wound but cause less pain (and waste) than pouring a bottle of disinfectant or bourbon directly over the wound. You can also use bourbon to douse the cotton with.

    Pain levels affect you, as do levels of depression or tiredness. It's wise to avoid having too high a degree of ANY of these things.

    When I find them, I always carry a suture needle holder with me. It serves the same purposes as tweezers allowing you to remove the lodged glass or bullets but also allows you to suture the deep wounds if you have the suture needles (I usually carry 1, but maybe 2).

    When I find a fanny pack, that's typically where these things go: Pen/pencil/eraser, alcohol wipes or doused cotton balls, 3-4 sterilized ripped sheets (later sterilized bandages with higher first aid), painkiller, antidepressant, sleeping pills, suture needle holder and 1-2 suture needles, a flashlight w/ spare battery. I can't always fit it in the fanny pack depending but I also carry a radio at all times especially once I've found the emergency broadcast frequency. I typically carry at least 10 nails with me and one sheet rope, but that's not always in the fanny pack.

    Obviously it's better to not get injured but that simply isn't always possible. In addition to that, I strongly advise working on your tailoring as fast as possible. I've avoided dangerous wounds thanks to padding, which is another reason I'm able to get by with carrying less medical supplies.

  • If anyone can help me I encountered a bug that doesn't let me damage the zombies and of course there's zero solutions on google

  • These are the tips I wanted when I started playing 3 weeks ago 😩😂

  • You mentioned using a sledgehammer to enter gun shops, you can sometimes disassemble the doors to those rooms. I always need one for storage facilities though.

  • thanks for sharing. Just picked this game up. My brother and his friend are veterans. I'm trying to learn a little more before playing with them so I don't get us all killed lol.

  • the sledge is the most important loot in PZ. No other way to really secure areas

  • C P

    Beer/wine has the same effect as sleeping pills. Zombies react to the flashlight, cats eyes is a great trait. Regular wound infection does not matter at all don't even worry about or waste your time with rare antibiotics as even with all the negative heal traits you won't notice anything beyond slightly slower passive recovery lol


  • The way you say vitamins, bro.

  • An honorable mention is that you can also disinfect rags and bandages with a filled cooking pot in a stove. Just turn the stove on and let the water heat up, and then you should have the option to disinfect.

  • my longest living survivor died today and i'm kinda sad as i was proud of the improvment i made in game, but i still have trouble to figure out how to survive illness (i know the character is doomed if it was due to zombies injuries)

  • Sledge hammers are back for a while sledge hammers where non existent.

  • I hope this game goes to android or iphone its gonna be great

  • fun fact: you can build good looting habits in project zomboid

    i have a few towns memorized and a few rules to looting, one building at a time, kill all zombies, if you get overweighted drop items at the houses front door and mark that house on the map, fill all pots or whatever with water (especially before the water goes out), mark the types of resources left at the house (food, water, books) i clear my starting town (usually rosewood) of its loot in about the same amount of time it takes for both electricity and water to go out and i have a town almost entirely secured to myself (no zombie respawn) a few generators and a ton of loot stockpiled at my favorite permanent base location (the rosewood firehouse) sure these habits make looting take longer but it ends up rewarding you with a easy late game of picking up the supplies you left behind at doorsteps and transporting them back to your base.

  • A kitchen knife. can be used to make food

  • I only keep can openers in the storage with my cans since they are heavy and only needed when I need to cook. They spawn quite commonly with cans while travelling.

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