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[PoE] Grim's Ultimate Guide To Corrupting Fever – League Start Viable Speed Mapper

ESSENTIAL Guide Cheat Sheet:

This is my first attempt at a guide like this and I had to pull an all nighter to get it out in time so please forgive any sloppiness or mistakes and let me know how I can fix it via discord or in the comments, thanks a lot. Sorry for the delay adobe premiere would not render the video.

Backup PoB Links:
Stage 1: Leveling –
Stage 2: Spell Slinging –
Stage 3: Wander Crafting –
Stage 4: TS Swap –

Helmet base for eldritch reservation helmet changed to evasion base to save considerably on crafting costs for the boys at a small armour reduction.

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0:00 Introduction
1:05 How Corrupting Fever Works
1:54 What Ascendency Grim Picks
2:34 What To Expect From The Guide
4:30 Stage 1: Act 1
8:59 Stage 1: Act 2
9:32 Stage 1: Act 3
11:51 Stage 1: Act 4
12:40 Stage 1: Act 5 CF Swap
13:49 Stage 1: What To Do If You Missed The Swap
14:26 Stage 1: Skill Trees and Lab
15:54 Stage 1: Pre Map Prep
16:16 Stage 2: Mapping Preparation
17:38 Stage 2: Upgrade 1 – The Magnate
17:51 Stage 2: Upgrade 2 – Rolled Flasks
18:44 Stage 2: Upgrade 3 – Physical Wands
19:44 Stage 2: Upgrade 4 – Cluster Jewels
21:20 Stage 2: Upgrade 5 – Essence Gear
22:12 Stage 2: Upgrade 6 – Double Damage Jewels
23:00 Stage 2: Upgrade 7 – Damage Over Time Multiplier Ammy
23:41 Stage 2: Upgrade 8 – Delirium Gloves
26:00 Stage 3: Upgrade 1 – New Wands
26:40 Stage 3: Upgrade 2 – Stygian Vise
27:34 Stage 3: Upgrade 3 – Ring Upgrades
29:16 Stage 3: Upgrade 4 – Triple Damage Jewels and Gems
30:16 Stage 3: Upgrade 5 – Six-Link Chest
31:31 Stage 3: Upgrade 6 – Recraft Large Clusters
32:29 Stage 3: Upgrade 7 – Ashes of the Stars
34:15 Stage 3: Upgrade 7 – Eldritch Helmet
36:02 Stage 3: Upgrade 7 – Eldritch Chest
37:19 Stage 3: Upgrade 7 – Eldritch Boots
39:48 Stage 4: Upgrade 1 – Woke and Alt Gems
41:11 Stage 4: Upgrade 2 – Medium Cluster Upgrade
42:19 Stage 4: Upgrade 3 – Forbidden Jewels
43:03 Stage 4: Upgrade 4 – Eldritch Gloves
43:59 Stage 4: Upgrade 5 – Crafting Your Bow
44:44 Stage 4: Upgrade 6 – The TS Transition and finishing touches

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  • Great guide and build mate! Only thing i cant work out is the use of blood and sand and flesh and stone. Blood stance gives me nice damage, but skips out on the projectile speed you mention is important in the build. Your video also has blood stance towards the end of your video, so could you offer any insight to when you switch stance? Or is there potential here to swap the gem out & perhaps some of the other reservation eff and replace it with something else?

  • Awesome guide bro, late starter here just got to maps and I'm enjoying it so far. Last league I played was expedition so I got lost with atlas skills, any advice on that that will work well with this build?

  • Brilliantly detailed guide, absolute 10/10 effort!

  • hey quick Question- Where the Hell should i place my Inspired Learning. Amazing Guide Dude

  • I just cant survive the uber lab. Keep getting oneshot by the godess, even though i have MORE life than grimro

  • Would you guys say this is viable for SSF? Started with boneshatter juggernaut but that build isn't really for me

  • Can't find any Forbidden flesh and flame with Inspirational on the market! = (

  • How can i keep uptime on corrupting fever it runs out so fast 🙁

  • Stage 1 PoB doesn't have socket information in it

  • Need ashes before going TS?

  • Hands down THE best buildguide i've ever seen! Please do keep these up for every league! I'll follow em forever!

  • Hello, Can you run tornado shot much earlier, like as soon as you get to maps? What would the reason be to not swap over sooner?

  • i'm starting the build right now as my second character this league! super excited

  • is the only way to keep cf up is using ts ? or is there any other way that constatly consumes hp so it can keep up at ALL TIMES ?

  • Can you use Veiled chaos orbs instead of going for the T4 Aisling?

  • Hey Grimro, quick question about the Eldritch crafting on helmet. You show in the PDF guide to roll Vulnerability with Lesser Eldritch, and then upgrade it with Orb of Conflict. Would it not be more efficient to use Grand Eldritch Embers to hit Vulnerability instead of using Orb of Conflicts to get it to the same point, considering how much more expensive Conflict Orbs are? Is there something im missing here that makes using Orb of Conflict the way to do it?

  • where the hell are the links for the cf swap ?

  • I made an absolutely dumb pair of gloves by just recombinating a corrupted +2 duration gems base with my 30% more damage over time gloves. Didn't see that in the guide anywhere but I would highly recommend it.

  • To anyone following the build now that Ashes of the Stars is 45+ex: you can drop either Malevolence or Determination until you can get an ashes from invitations. It's a good amulet but definitely not worth its current price. Either target farm it yourself, or skip it and be squishier or do a bit less damage depending on your taste.

  • Anyone know how to deal w/ mana problem at act 3 when we have purity/banner/pride ? Cuz i have 30 mana and shat steel cost 9, so in 3 attacks im out of mana

  • Hey grim. I’ve almost finished crafting everything but I still don’t have an ashes. Do I absolutely need one before swapping over?

  • For people following this, I did some testing and if you want to run all auras from the PoB after the swap without the need of the crafted helmet and/or ashes of the stars amulet, you need to have your Spellslinger gem at least lvl 14 or if you want to swap sooner you will have to drop controlled destruction from your exsanguinate setup until your spellslinger gem gets to lvl 14. Option 3 is simply not run 1 aura until that time.

  • I've put this together, but is there a way to keep the corrupted fever uptime a bit more reliable? My TS life cost is 30 life (same as yours) but I feel like its not costing enough life to refresh CF enough. Re-casting it in the middle of a map once I realize I am doing 0 dps is kinda annoying. Other than that, its been fun 😀

  • Hey Grim,

    So I have skipped last league, but you mentioned that the eldritch crafting currency seems to be much rarer this patch around.
    Would you still go the same way about crafting your Spell sippression gear the same way (as you described in your guide) ?

    Thanks mate

  • Best tip I can give anyone is if you dont have atleast 10ex to throw into it when you finish the acts don't do it. This builds way smoother when you got the $. ( I put like 8 into it DPS feels amazing, defense not so much )

  • Can someone explain why in tree skills arent leveled are they supposed to be level 1? (talking specifically the KB varient)
    Lifegain on hit is 20 the rest are 1

  • rly nice guide do you have a filter for it to ^^?

  • Is there an alternative to Ashes of the Stars?
    Price is ridiculous this league

  • was planning on possibly moving on to this but after checking out how to craft the items, fuck that idea. Crafting in this game is so fucking terrible. So annoying that so much of the fun of this game is gated behind such a crap system. Great guide though, shame its impossible for me to achieve within a league.

  • i have to miss something, i stage 2 ~3 and i can't active all auras, if i active flesh and stone i only can active spellslinger and warbanner what i missing ?

  • How this build handles the flask automation? If I put utility flasks to use on full charges what are the methods of increasing charges gain with this build?
    Awesome content, Grimro, keep up with build guides. I'm trying this CF build right now with my 2nd character this league

  • Is it normal to be dying so much in T16 maps? I feel so hard doing the bosses TAT

  • t

    how much money to comfortably switch? im sitting on 20 ex and want to switch instead of dumping more of that money into champ KB version.. also can you play TS without Ashes cause that shit is insanely expensive this league lmao

  • Hey i have one question what would be better corrupting fever or bleed bow

  • Grimro, thanks for an amazing guide. Do you have any twink uniques leveling gear you could recommend? What should we put into Tabula if this is not our league start character and stuff like that?

  • how can we find endgame version of this?

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