Monday, May 20, 2024

No More Ethereum Mining?!

No More Ethereum Mining?! Ethereum 2.0 is already here, so the end of Ethereum mining is near. How much longer will Ethereum be mineable, when will ETH mining end, and when does ETH 2.0 officially start? All answered, subscribe to VoskCoin!

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Ethereum is the backbone of GPU mining profitability, and Ethereum also makes many ASIC miners profitable but the bad news for miners is that Vitalik Buterin says now that Ethereum 2.0 is very close. Ethereum 2.0 and the merge will be the doom for Ethereum and really GPU mining but how much longer will Ethereum be mineable, when will the ETH 2.0 merge happen and Ethereum 1.0 proof of work POW mining is done?! Let’s review Ethereum 2.0 and how PoS Proof of Stake will bring an end to ETH miners, yes… no more ethereum mining in 2022?!

Learn what it takes to mine one Ethereum!

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 No more Ethereum mining?
01:36 Moving to Proof Of Stake
02:37 Mining is fun and exciting
04:03 Bitcoin mining for passive income with compass mining
04:21 Ethereum and mining a difficult relationship
05:29 The merge coming earlier than expected?
07:04 What happens after the merge?
08:42 More than 9000000 Eth already locked up
10:00 When will eth 2.0 be released?
11:32 GPU mining dead after Ethereum moves to POS?
13:50 Fun Tails Vosk fact
14:35 Earn interest on Ethereum

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