Sunday, May 26, 2024

NFTs: Nasty F*cking Things (The Jimquisition)

NFTs are the latest craze, and they’re horrible. A stain on the art world, a total scam, and environmentally damaging. Naturally, videogame publishers are huge fans!

As NFTs are embraced by the vile likes of Ubisoft, EA, and Square Enix, enjoy this video where I go absolutely OFF on them. I swear way more than normal, because NFTs truly are disgusting.

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  • "Parasitic capitalists" are also known as "capitalists".

  • 2:13 Link looks serious there… He means business

  • "Non binary" okay that's bullshit :)) NFT? He's totally right. I like Jim. sometimes he's full of shit, other times he's totally right. It's not like there is a law that I have to agree with someone in everything to like the guy

  • Did he turn trans just to piss people off??

  • You are NOT trans, you are not gender fluid.
    You were "born this way", gender is not a social construct.
    Nfts are ugly, yes.

  • 6:59 And let's not forget Rockstar Games screwing Grand Theft Auto Online's in-game economy twice in order to make playing the game without microtransactions a chore.

  • I thought "Of course Ubisoft and EA want a bit of NFT madness" then I saw Square Enix and my heart dropped.

  • NFT = Nice Fukkin Try

  • As an artist myself NFT,s make me second guess whether or not I should publish any of my work online. On account of people potentially stealing the work only to turn them into NFT's and make bank off of my back. I hope copyright laws crackdown on such circumstances when those in charge get off of their arses and the community makes enough of a stink to make NFT's unpalatable to these fucking corporations.

  • NFT acronyms:
    N F T
    no fricking toddlers
    not fair trend
    non fungible tokens
    never fart together
    nasty f*#&ing things
    and much more

  • I hadn't seen a Jimquisition in quite a while, though I've been subscribed for years YouTube decided I was done watching this channel. Well, somehow I found this channel again and I'm very glad I did. I'll admit, when I learned of Jim coming out as non-binary, I was a bit concerned that the content might have become a bit too much for me. But that's why you don't judge a book by it's cover. All power to you Mr/Mrs Sterling. Keep on not giving a fuck about the assholes and grilling the greedy fucks that deserve it so damn much. 🤘

    Edit: Had to adds this after watching the full video; Jim is still by far the best journalist in his field. His writing is , after I dont know how many years, as sharp as ever. Subverting my expectations multiple times in every video.

  • NFTs seem a lot like speculating on entries in the International Star Registry that is no one except registry users agree that these names are legitimate. It's no surprise that ISR is now offering NFTs.

  • Steph's Android Wilson vox came outta nowhere and took me out xDDD

  • "Players want more modalities at play inside the game, which go beyond straight 11-on-11 football."

    This is the modern day version of John Riccitiello's famous "It used to be the game you bought was the game you got.".

  • I honestly didn't know what NFTs were until Troy Baker seriously fucked up lately. Wow, just wow.

  • One of your best videos yet. Could not stop laughing

  • 2:28 You don't understand NFTs. When you buy an NFT, you don't buy a right to a painting. You don't own the painting. You only own a certificate proving that you are a registered owner of an NFT on the blockchain, which NFT just happens to be represented by some artwork on some website. The artwork is not stored in the blockchain. The right to use the artwork is not stored on the blockchain.
    Yes, this makes NFTs completely pointless right now. Just please educate yourself before speaking.

  • NFTs are pretty pointless right now, yes. But if you used some imagination, you'd quickly realize they could allow skins and other items in games to be freely sold to other players for real money. A feat only a handful of Steam games allow us to do right now.

  • Ah yes, Bitcoin and now NFT's are just another version of Tulip mania gone digital if you ask me. I am pretty sure it's just a bubble and eventually it is probably gonna crash. I wonder if it wouldn't have crash already if so many popular people weren't just raving about it. Don't get me wrong, any currency is ultimately esoteric to some degree, but the system has to have some stability before you make it a critical part of the economy. I would say that it won't be a thing in the future, but with so many people like Musk having show so much interest in it I think it'll probably be here to stay in some form or other, probably leading to major market crashes in the future unless it gets heavily heavily regulated… which it won't, because I think that would have to come from the World Bank, which is lead mostly by Americans, and American mentality is very anti regulation in the banking and business sectors.
    Also: Hey Jim! If you are still having lipstick on teeth, I used to have the exact same issue for years until my friend told me all I need to do is basically out your finger in your mouth like you want to suck it(or someone else's finger if you're kinky), pull it out and that will get rid of the excess that ends up on your teeth. Hasn't happened to me since!

  • TELL

  • I took one look at them and I was like "this looks like an interesting person". So I watched. I am now subscribed. Great content.

  • How can you transition into something if you're not part of the binary?

  • NFTs are the digital equivalent of the scam of selling tourists the toll rights to a bridge.

  • No, you're also not non-binary.

  • Just figured out this wig and stephanie chit ain't a joke, so that's one less youtubers content I'll be feeding views into

  • Right click save you have it for free.

  • I really enjoyed the swearing.

    The reason people keep saying they're great is that they either want to scam to you or they've fallen for the rubbish being spouted by the scammers.

  • Been gone awhile.. You ain't changed much. Thank god for you

  • Now selling Jim Sterlings NFTs for $10mil each. That's non-functional testicles… Bonus, they look better than any non fungible token art.

  • One step closer to the scifi dystopia becoming a reality

    the moment they can do it themselfs…..doess it without a blink.. XD
    and no..sorry EA and all other degenerates…. no one wants that , not even your fifa addicts they just pay for it the same way any addict chalks up to the local dealers..
    another thing to cheek for and if seeing even a faint wiff of it…..shun whats trying to get ones attention like the plague it is.

  • Not surprised if the world ends during my lifetime with all this shit going on.

  • Sometimes I don’t see eye to eye with you, but I always love your attitude, Jim. FYI, we definitely saw eye to eye on NFT’s! Eff em!

  • The stones on Android Wilson, "players want"
    I.e we've found yet another way to milk people in our copy n paste annual cash grab.
    Ubisofts Blockchain plans also…I'd like nothing more than to purchase a game and then become an employee of said game, having to put work in and earn to make it a viable experience. Thanks but no thanks

  • As many times as you genuinely make me laugh out loud I can tell you would be nice to hang out with

  • I just got a new roommate. He was showing me his nft collection.

    He moved in this week.

    Too soon for an intervention?

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