Saturday, June 3, 2023


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You can’t ignore NFTs…

They’ve passed defi and become the largest segment in crypto

They’re becoming mainstream.. even Taco bell and Charmin are in on it

We’ve covered NFTs a lot on this channel but today I’m going to focus on how we’re going to see a huge change in this space.

This is because Coinbase recently announced their NFT marketplace.

Coinbase’s NFT marketplace is getting a lot of attention.. 2 and a half million people already signed up for early access to the platform.

The main point of conversation seems to be that Coinbase is going to overtake OpenSea as the kingpin of NFTs.

So I dug a little deeper into the issue to try to make some sense out of what’s become a controversial point among whales and institutional investors…

Will Coinbase make NFTs as commonplace as Instagram posts? Well I spent a lot of time figuring that out.

This video will give you a better idea about whether investments into both NFTs and coinbase as a company are a good idea.

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