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NFT Market CRASH & MAJOR NFTs Projects Updates | Doodles HUGE Update, Okay Bears HYPE, Upcoming NFTs

Discover the LATEST NFTs News & Upcoming Projects (Azuki NFTs, The Parallax NFTs)

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0:00 NFT Market CRASH & MAJOR NFTs Projects Updates | Doodles HUGE Update, Okay Bears HYPE, Upcoming NFTs 2022
0:12 NFT Market Update
2:33 Top NFTs Project #1: Doodles NFTs Updates
5:18 Top NFT Projects #2: Okay Bears NFTs
7:53 Upcoming NFTs Project: Communi3 NFTs
10:08 Top NFTs Project #3: Forgotten Ethereal Worlds NFTs – FEW NFTs
11:59 Top NFTs Projects #4: Project Godjira NFTs
12:32 The Parallax NFT

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In this video we’ll cover the current NFT market sentiment. Next, we’ll look at the hyped NFT project Doodles NFTs updates to see if it’s the best NFTs to buy now. Then, we’ll look at Solana NFTs Okay Bears NFTs and Communi3 NFTs to see if they have high potential for NFT flipping. After that, we’ll look at Forgotten Ethereal Worlds NFTs or FEW NFTs and Project Godjira NFTs to see their price on Opensea. Finally, we’ll talk about The Parallax NFT or The Parallax Genesis NFTs.

The Parallax is a media company committed to helping you navigate the new frontier of NFTs, Web3, and crypto.

Disclaimer: The content expressed on The Parallax and by Patrick Dang is for educational and entertainment purposes only and should not be used as financial advice. Do your own research and consult with a professional financial advisor before making any financial decisions.


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  • One Year Splash of NFT Stats –

    Unique NFT Buyers/Sellers over the Past 52 Weeks (using market analytics data)

    Compared to May 2021 the number of unique NFT:

    Buyers has increased by a factor of x20.5 (1380 to 28,231)
    Sellers has increased by a factor of x20.9 (1366 to 28,605)

    In proceeding 52-week period the number of unique:

    NFT Buyers peaked at 192,226 the week of January 31, 2022

    NFT Sellers peaked at 155,379 also in the week of January 31, 2022

    Does anyone have a gut feeling as to when the next peak might occur? hmmmmm

    And…. here’s the raw data (hope it’s useful to you)

    2021-05-10 B: 1380 S: 1366
    2021-05-17 B: 6562 S: 5367

    2021-05-24 B: 9272 S: 6889

    2021-05-31 B: 10835 S: 8219

    2021-06-07 B: 12179 S: 9490

    2021-06-14 B: 14546 S: 10390

    2021-06-21 B: 15307 S: 11683

    2021-06-28 B: 16365 S: 12698

    2021-07-05 B: 17762 S: 14167

    2021-07-12 B: 21975 S: 16965

    2021-07-19 B: 25894 S: 19056

    2021-08-02 B: 50190 S: 34670

    2021-08-09 B: 70500 S: 42244

    2021-08-16 B: 69722 S: 43672

    2021-08-23 B: 105283 S: 64875

    2021-08-30 B: 110286 S: 64271

    2021-09-06 B: 94123 S: 55671

    2021-09-13 B: 98383 S: 65660

    2021-09-20 B: 99930 S: 70635

    2021-09-27 B: 110959 S: 79972

    2021-10-04 B: 109523 S: 80485

    2021-10-11 B: 102664 S: 70104

    2021-10-18 B: 92706 S: 66126

    2021-10-25 B: 66307 S: 49795

    2021-11-01 B: 65070 S: 50145

    2021-11-08 B: 62705 S: 47608

    2021-11-15 B: 83866 S: 65659

    2021-11-22 B: 7849 S: 64374

    2021-11-29 B: 88038 S: 65799

    2021-12-06 B: 89892 S: 69056

    2021-12-13 B: 108809 S: 80606

    2021-12-20 B: 104193 S: 79341

    2021-12-27 B: 128590 S: 101165

    2022-01-03 B: 161487 S: 127450

    2022-01-10 B: 175170 S: 133805

    2022-01-17 B: 179279 S: 132186

    2022-01-24 B: 176893 S: 140191

    2022-01-31 B: 192226 S: 155379

    2022-02-07 B: 170442 S: 141313

    2022-02-14 B: 162208 S: 142100

    2022-02-21 B: 171652 S: 143412

    2022-02-28 B: 146543 S: 125126

    2022-03-07 B: 133348 S: 114938

    2022-03-14 B: 123594 S: 115383

    2022-03-21 B: 130926 S: 119577

    2022-03-28 B: 125889 S: 123996

    2022-04-04 B: 145748 S: 136596

    2022-04-11 B: 140472 S: 127389

    2022-04-18 B: 142981 S: 142013

    2022-04-25 B: 136104 S: 130838

    2022-05-02 B: 130374 S: 124565

    2022-05-09 B: 94647 S: 91298

    2022-05-16 B: 28231 S: 28605

  • Communi3 NFTs looks great to buy around 24 Sols, It can easily 5-7x from here after staking launch in3 weeks

  • Knowledge is being aware of what you can do. Wisdom is knowing when not to do it.

  • Appreciate your effort brother.
    Make a video on Cyborgindians project please 🙏

  • Cryptocurrency and NFTS will outsmart the banking system in the nearest future serving as a global fiat. Already making over 85% profit from my current investment.

  • Its really amazing watching your videos always have a great content and you really did your research on those projects and thanks also for the advice 👊 and i must say that NFT's are really heating up since last year, but I've noticed that they were affected by the rug of crypto right? Or this just my wild imagination, well anyways i just hope that it won't affect it most specially to the upcoming projects that are about to launch hope they will have a victorious mint! And soon will be feature here in your videos .thanks for the reviews patrick!

  • why are you talking about projects if you know nothing about them? it's not alpha if there is no information

  • also you talk about okey bears only based on NFT picture, Degods way better project then okey bears and communi3

  • wtf do you mean by sayn not a lot of good solana projects? that means you know nothing about solana , i would say not a lot of good eth projects compare to solana. And most of the bluechip eth project nfts look crap too.

  • Currently, I have gone through a lot in the hands of fake traders, But thanks to Mrs Sarah Greene who helped me recover my losses. She is a very good woman and she's so understanding. I can't imagine myself getting a hug profits in my portfolio now.

  • $76,000 just in two weeks Mrs Sarah Joy Greene you are so amazing.

  • Have u seen Stoned Tigers YouTube channel? 🤯🤯🤯

  • First time coming across your content. Very down to earth 🌎 and I like that you don't try to be something, but just sharing your knowledge in a humble way 👌.

  • I love how out dated this video is considering it was posted just a few hours ago lollllllllll

  • my nigga how you dont talk about the Azuki situation

  • Love the alpha on the new Doodles CEO and your idea about watching influencer wallets. High value content. Best NFT YouTuber is The Parallax! 🏆

  • 'just like azuki is crushing it' that comment didn't age well ahahah 😆

  • Please make a video about Memeland

  • Thanks for the video! Wish you can make a video about Alethea! Alethea is a community-driven project to create Interactive Non-Fungible Tokens, or iNFTs. By bringing together developers, artists and community members, Alethea will develop new uses for NFTs that go beyond what anyone could have imagined when they first entered the blockchain world.

  • parallax project Def will be there even bull or bear market. Coz we r here for the long run

  • There are many NFT youtubers. But noone creates such good content, as Parallax. Thank you for making these entertaining videos packed with value.

  • Bro thank you for the video, i have a collection in opensea but when i search for it it doesn't appear in the search results what is the problem ?

  • Your silent supporter is here again lel excited for tomorrow's video about Azuki fuds🍿 👀

  • I dont understand, how every video of yours is a Huge Market Update.

  • As you touched upon keeping track of what the whales in a project does is key to not get stuck holding a bag! And also low supply collections is totally the way to go for many reasons. Not only does it become an more exclusive project, but I also think it makes the community of that project closer to one another!
    Great vid as always Patrick, looking forward to the AMA!

  • great video we will be here with you too . good and bad times together 🙂 thanks for great info.

  • Best time to consolidate gains

  • Tomorrow’s video will surely cover the zaga drama 🤦🏽


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