Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Learn About CRYPTO and How You Can Get Into NFTs from the Worlds Leading EXPERTS

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Why do NFTs and cryptocurrency matter? Weren’t they a trendy thing from 10 years ago, why are we still talking about this? Whether you like it or not, blockchain technology has made its impact on the world as we know it. Throughout history, technology has only moved forward, so crypto and NFTs do matter and will continue to matter more as we move into Web 3.0.

If you’re feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed with everything blockchain related or you’re not even sure what blockchain is, this is a good place to start. Diving into content like this will help open your mind. Taking note of key terms you want to further research and explore is a great way to expand your vocabulary. For now, you may want to take notes on key ideas that stand out here. One key takeaway that can really enhance your understanding if you’re new to crypto and NFTs is understanding that both run on blockchain technology.

Start your deep dive here to view the full Impact Theory Crypto Playlist for these interviews and more:


0:00 | Introduction to Crypto & NFTs
0:40 | NFTs & Fiat
5:34 | Blockchain
12:29 | Learn About Crypto
18:44 | Entrepreneurship Advice
23:25 | The Future of NFTs


“Sound money is basically something outside of the system and something that people can’t create more of, […] and bitcoin is a digital form of sound money” Anthony Pompliano [4:24]

“So crypto, as it starts building out as an ecosystem, you start to realize that, okay, this is now the fastest adoption of any technology in all recorded human history.” Raoul Pal [7:57]

“Bitcoin is the first point in human history where engineering impinged on economics.” Michael Saylor [11:23]

“YouTube unto itself is one of the greatest inventions in modern history, the fact that any of us could go on right now and take an MIT course for free on YouTube.” Tom Bilyeu [17:31]

“The reason that I’m so obsessed with NFTs is that it is going to change the world in the same profound way that the internet changed the world. “ Tom Bilyeu [27:41]

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  • What are some of the most interesting tips you have come across when it came to learning about Crypto?

  • I'm thinking of joining the Mennonite community.

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  • thank you so much for sharing! 🙂 going crazy excited with this

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  • I already moved 100% of investments to crypto because I see it as the only investment that is a sound store of value.

    What resonated in this video with me was literally at the end when you talked about the concept of holding an NFT would allow users to see an exclusive door to a exclusive experience.

    Now as a newly cyber security student I have to ask how secure is the location because I was thinking about the application of such a experience.

    Could be like a White House “situation room” used by governments, commissions, corporations, intelligence agency, black market, etc. as a location to organize.

    After covid came remote working and that really isn’t going to reverse because companies have learned the benefits.

    Just getting my head around the potential limitless options that could come from having access to a highly secure exclusive location experience.

  • I guess you should come up with a new business model for your channel Tom it’s hard to continuously find people to interview for.

  • The American citizen in Ukrain, Harkov!

    He is telling the truth and this is why he is in danger now https://youtu.be/e-GHmbAGh2E Please talk about him!

  • I got a feeling that if crypto replaced the us dollar a lot of people will become very poor

  • Can you give us an example of crypto currency versus fiat currency under war for example Russia and Ukraine


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  • Not to be proud in anyway at all but today my NFT holdings have passed the $70k mark….i had less than $2000 when I entered this space 3 months ago. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to transform my life and thanks to those who have helped me get here

  • 😁Hello Mrs Sophia is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  • Listen to Michael Saylor, stick to Bitcoin. Too many non-tech people repeating technical narratives they don’t truly understand and end up broadcasting inaccurate info.

    The “blockchain” is a marketing term. Proof of work to secure consensus is the technical breakthrough. Bitcoin is proven everything else is 1,000 times less proven and more risky.

    So many technical inaccuracies in this video. DYOR. Don’t listen to the charlatans.

    What happens when the “thing” sitting over “there” on that other server is hacked? Answer: you have a hash on a “blockchain” and that’s worthless.


  • tbh bro I never comment on youtube but you're as real as it gets with what you do…. the power one person has to change someone else with just words. You motivate and push people for better, and its not some clickbait crap to generate income… one hand helps another, hopefully, I can return the favor one day but for now, a like would have to sufice.

  • You're really not doing your credibility any justice with all this crypto nonsense.

  • The crypto market will still come back normal,so go into it now it's low is the best.

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  • Thank you for your videos mate.<The BTC shows us that when she wakes up she knows how to do it and destroy all the bears!! Never go against the trends on cryptos, even less put levers, it is about the immediate sanction as soon as you turn your back, now anyone who has been in the crypto space for the last 6 or more years certainly knows about the cycle structure, every 4 yearsBTC goes through a halving even where the amount of Bitcoin that is mined is cut half. Well, the block reward is cut in half this cause huge price spikes every 4 yrs because it create a supply and demand crisis that can’t be priced in until it’s a reality. >but all thanks to kimsusie who taught me how to make trade and increased my Crypto from 6 to 21BTC now. No one really knows what is going to happen in the market and I know you are only saying what you think will happen based on the past. It is yours and my opinion so people should make their own investment choices based on their own research….

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  • Great video!!…my 8 months old bitcoin portfolio has smashed $450k in value from an initial allocation of $180k. Trust me you can feel the pain of discipline early or feel the pain of regret later, your choice to make

  • Does it still reasonable to enter NFTs now? i'd bet on holding BTC and some alts like Matic, LEO and LUNA

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