Sunday, May 28, 2023

Karazhan All Bosses – 30 Second Guides!

30 second boss guides for each boss in Karazhan for Classic WoW TBC.

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Boss times:
00:00 Servant’s Quarters
00:53 Attumen the Hunstman
01:29 Moroes
02:05 Maiden of Virtue
02:32 The Big Bad Wolf
03:08 Romulo and Julianne
03:38 The Crone (Wizard of Oz)
04:28 The Curator
05:09 Terestian Illhoof
05:50 Shade of Aran
06:40 Netherspite
07:36 Chess
08:11 Prince Malchezaar
08:51 Nightbane

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