Saturday, July 20, 2024

I asked a DeFi expert which coins to buy and this was his answer…

The DeFi space is popping and it’s full on altcoin season right now. I’m on the hunt for 10x to 100x gains with DeFi coins and tokens. Recently I connected with a DeFi expert who works at a DeFi startup and has been in this space for many years now. I took the time to dive deep, pick his brain on the macro cycle, specific hurdles, areas of interest, and of course, his FAVORITE DeFi projects to invest in. In this longer interview Brian from Set protocol will share his knowledge and wisdom as a deep builder, researcher, and investor in the DeFi space. He also shares his fun price predictions for Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH for this macro cycle and much more useful and valuable nuggets that you can act on immediately! So if that sounds interesting to you at all then just play this video and be sure to watch the whole thing!

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0:00 Intro
1:55 Meet Brian
3:33 Macro view of whole DeFi space
7:55 Tangent: Stocks on the blockchain
11:06 Biggest hurdles in DeFi
16:00 Which DeFi niches are MOST promising
19:43 Top 5 DeFi Gems
32:32 The Ultimate Bet
34:50 More about TokenSets
41:01 Fun BTC and ETH price targets

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