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How to Mint & Flip NFTs for Beginners [START HERE]

This is a step-by-step guide to Buy and Sell NFTs to make profits.

Step 1) Go on your PC and create an account on
👉 CoinBase: (My link gives you $10 bonus)
👉 Or Binance: (get lower transaction fees)
👉 Or Bitstamp: (My link gives you $20!)

Coinbase tutorial (if I went too fast) 👉

Step 2) Connect your credit card or bank account and buy Ethereum

Step 3) Download the browser extension

Step 4) Transfer Ethereum to MetaMask

Step 5) Connect your MetaMask to

Step 6) Thank me with a like 👍 (yes, I’m that cheap)

Websites I recommend adding to your Bookmarks Bar:
– CoinBase / Binance / Bitstamp (whatever you prefer)

Twitter accounts I follow to discover new NFT projects

This is my OpenSea profile and the NFTs I’m holding:

AstroHeads’ discord:

This tutorial will learn you how to Mint and Flip NFTs from scratch without any background knowledge about Crypto or the NFT space. This video is the perfect place to start minting your first NFT.
You will learn in this video:
– How to buy Ethereum
– How to set up your MetaMask
– How to transfer Ethereum to MetaMask
– How to find good NFT projects
– How to mint a NFT
– How to find out the rarity of your NFT
– How to flip a NFT
– How to calculate the listing price to flip NFT
– How to price your NFT
– What does minting a NFT mean?
– What does Flipping a NFT mean?
– What is a NFT?

Watch this video in your native language:

🔒 How I Protect My Crypto & NFTs 🔑 (tutorial coming soon)
Hardware Wallet 👉

🎬 My Gear 🎥
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📚 Books I currently read:
– The 4-Hour Work Week:
– The Richest Man in Babylon:
– The Millionaire Fastlane:
– Why Now is the Time to Crush it:

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Time stamps:
00:00 Introduction
00:19 What is a NFT?
00:52 What is Minting a NFT?
01:11 What is Flipping a NFT?
01:25 Tutorial: Setting up your Accounts
02:18 Websites for trading NFTs
03:08 How to find good NFT project?
03:47 Whitelist
04:34 What if you missed the minting opportunity?
04:55 How to check if NFT is valuable
05:20 Beware for Scammers!
06:20 LIVE Minting Process !!!
07:45 Find your minted NFT on OpenSea
08:14 How to Sell your NFT
08:46 What price do I sell my NFT?
09:18 My Results 1 Day Later $$$
09:35 How to accept offers
09:45 How to withdraw your money to your bank account?

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