Thursday, July 18, 2024

How Much Bitcoin in 1 Month of Mining with this ASIC?

In this video I discuss my experiences mining Bitcoin with the Avalon 1066 Pro ASIC Miner.

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Video Chapters:
00:00 Intro/Recap
01:26 Noise
02:19 Mining Mode
03:13 Revenue
04:54 Sound Isolation Ideas
06:25 Wrap Up

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  • KOI miner was awesome 👌

  • Do you have an update on this one?

  • I would prefer to mine BTC in order to avoid KYC issues that come with an exchange. With that said the biggest thing I would want is break even on the hardware before it's outdated which seems difficult to do.

  • Hard to read cost of electricity. How is that calculated?

  • 2:10 you would think that the noice could be reduced by replacing the fans with some higher quality silent ones

  • Sounds silly but couldn't you just put it in an old fridge cut a hole for the wires?

  • You stop sound with DENSITY, not fluffy materials. Real Recording studios are built with double layer sheetrock, with no standing wave angles.

  • $6 per day, to recover $4500 will take 750 days to get your money back, If you had to pay for the Asic. There is a lot more efficient ways to spend your money.

  • All these asic minors are a scam! The manufacturers take pre-orders and in the months leading to release they've been using those very miners to make money, on your equipment. Then they release it to the public after several months of increasing the hash difficulty. The ROI on these is atrocious, who the fuck is buying these and thinking they're going to make money?

  • I have a question how about mining new coins in sha somethings there is a new one that can have good profit.

  • this profitably is garbage honestly, a 3090 would probably give you better results lmao

  • AJP

    Bitcoin….Is…..The…..One…..Ummmm no. Any sensible person that has been in this space for any length of time knows what im talking about. Same goes for ETH. Bunch of morons that have never actually tried to use the damn things other than buy and hope the price goes up. Proof of Work is dog shit and as time goes on more humans will realize it especially when they figure out how dog shitty it is when trying to use it. POW = Expensive/Slow = BTC/ETH = Dog Shit.

  • Based on my calculations I'd take a loss running one of these.

  • 6usd is kinda bad when you calculate the cost of the miner.
    Considering it will need an upgrade every 2-3 years to stay in the green.
    Long-term with an 3 year upgrade cycle i dowbt that you are going to profitable
    (Btw you have the manner keep it running you make more money having it on than having it off)

  • It’ll take 2yr to just compensate for the Avalon cost at $4,505. A few days after the video was uploaded there was a dip on the price of btc making it down to 41k. Maybe in two years the price will be much higher (hopefully). The point is, these mining rigs are too expensive right now. Maybe the chip shortage, but is not a good time to buy one.

  • Electricity is the biggest cost and it varies greatly by location. What are you paying per kWh?

  • What a great way to heat my garage in the Michigan winters :). I am currently running an L3+ but I guess I need many more to heat the place.

  • Shame, to think no one learnt from the 2017 asic miners. considering the hair salon and door stopper in a few months. rather but a gpu's bud. asic cant be reused or evens been mined once obsolete

  • I have the right infrastructure at home to have a loud miner, but why then I don't have one? It is a waste of money. My own very personal opinion.

  • If you just use larger fans that spin slower, that should reduce the noise. Replace the 3 small fans with 1 large fan with the same airflow.

  • Slap your asics in a broken refrigerator and dynamat the inside of it. Cut ventilation ports and use filters for intake and exhaust to prevent elements from getting in. Obviously if the fridge works don't plug it in. This should insulate the noise well enough that you could store it outside and not piss your neighbors off. If you live in a hot summer climate, store the fridge in your garage and cut exhaust ventilation holes in a side garage door this is better because it's cheaper to replace a door than patch holes in your house if you have to move but you lose side access to your garage however the trade is far better than ruing your house lol.

  • Don't box them in any way. This reduces the noise but increases the heat(spins). This will only reduce its life. Cold Air Is The Only Way and as u said slows the spins. Create a cool line directly from outside and a fan to pump heat out the window. Consider a cooling coil within a duct hitting the fan-in. DONT BOX THEM THATS FROM EXPERIENCE

  • I think
    K the best you can do is simply buy btc every month for 200$ or what ever and sleep 😴 10 years😊

  • Take ur money and just buy bitcoin. Hold it sell it in 2030.

  • Where do you get your white color GPU rig frames from ?

  • I keep seeing people mining for Bitcoin with an asic. Why? There are other more profitable coins that can still be mined by asic’s for the work you put into it. Why choose to mine Bitcoin over something else? Genuine question btw as I’m planning on getting into the scene after doing a lot of research.

  • Squirrel cage fans are much quieter than the axial fans. It would be nice to see someone find a way to rig one to replace the standard fans.

  • just insulate your adjoining wall..100 bucks

  • Have you seen the Beeminer Immersion tanks. I am considering getting a 3 asic unit that is designed to be plugged up in any house. May work for you here

  • Is it profitable if you take into consideration the hardware costs and the lifespan of the asic given either they will eventually have a hardware failure or the difficulty increase will deprecate them?

  • I've seen people running them in attics and under their houses in crawl spaces. Best option for separation would be a dedicated shed

  • If possible, make the heat from the asic miner go directly outside, this reduces the heat in your garage for sure.

  • Hail Red me old fruit!

  • I've honestly tried everything, ASICs are just not home miner friendly. Like you said the noise was constantly there and because of the frequency you can hear it thru multiple walls, the heat was unbelievable. Just wait until the summer months, that thing will be howling. No way you will keep that thing in the garage. My second summer with Asics I built a shed away from the house and it was howling day and night during those hot summer months. I ended up selling all of them Spring of 2017 and going back to GPU mining ETH and just converting it to BTC, which is what I still do to this day.
    I honestly don't know what's going to happen after eth goes pos, but I do know that I will never buy another ASIC and try to mine at or around my house ever again.

  • 3 5600xt last month made 415$ mining eth.

  • Also consider noise from the power supply. I am running a couple of asics and one of them is Goldshell x5 with stock psu and the psu itself is ridiculously noisy as well. As to sound of the asic miner I bought a 52 quart cooler from Target for like 20 bucks, saw 6 inch attachment to the screw driver on Amazon, and soft 6 inch duct pipes from Menards and it did reduce the noise a lot. Only do not buy insulated duct pipes as in one of the most popular videos, it will spread the fiberglass dust all over the place and it can be deadly.

  • If you look at mine in my l3 videos I have mine they vent directly outside thru ducting

  • You say that about the profitability because you didn't pay a dime on the miner…. Remake that phrase after you spend 10K on it… Tell me how does 6 dollars a day sound now? With the difficulty going up 30% each month

  • Jump the meter pay zero electric make tons of money

  • Wait I'm confused why would you deal with this if you could just get another graphics card?

    You also have crazy ROI to deal with.

    I am like $30-$35 a day. And I have less than a dozen RTX cards & 1x RX 5700xt.
    Some have paid themselves over many times. I run 51-55degrees all year round and quiet.

  • Talk about trash tier ROI. For crypto anyway. I was making 3 dollars a day mining ethereum on my 1080ti. What is it now? A 4 year old graphics card? Lol

    You can always convert your crypto to whatever you like in CEX I don't see how mining bitcoin specifically is of any consequence as long as the cashflow is reliable which is true with ethereum too.

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