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GPU mining profitability after ETH 2.0 (2022 update) What will happen to mining after Ethereum 2.0?

In this video I calculate what GPU mining profitability will be after Ethereum 2.0. But what will happen to mining after ETH 2.0? After Ethereum moves to Proof of Stake (POS), it will no longer be mineable on GPUs. When this happens, all of the people currently mining Ethereum will move their GPU hashrate over to the other mineable coins. But in doing so, the profitability of mining those coins will decrease. So I wanted to calculate by how much mining profitability will decrease after ETH 2.0. I do this by comparing the network hashrate currently on Ethereum with the hashrate currently on the other top 35 GPU mineable coins. I then convert the hashrate from Ethereum to the other coins to calculate what the mining profitability for all the other altcoins will look like after all the Ethereum hashrate moves to those coins.

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GPU mining profitability after ETH2.0 spreadsheet:

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πŸ“Ό π•πˆπƒπ„πŽ π‚πŽππ“π„ππ“
00:00 GPU mining after Eth 2.0 (Ethereum merge to proof of stake)
01:47 Why GPU mining profitability doesn’t matter (part 1)
03:02 Ethereum mining network hashrate explained
05:32 GPU mining profitability explained
04:23 What will happen to GPU mining after Eth 2.0?
06:47 GPU mining profitability after Eth 2.0 spreadsheet introduction
07:09 Network hashrate of top 35 most profitable GPU mineable coins
07:30 Converting hashrate between different coins explained
10:28 Total Altcoin hashrate vs Ethereum network hashrate
11:13 Not all Ethereum hashrate will move over! (ASICs explained)
11:44 Why I’m not including Ethereum Classic in my calculations
12:21 How much of Ethereums hashrate will move over to other coins?
12:59 RTX 3070 mining profitability today
13:21 Mining profitability after ETH 2.0 if all hashrate moved over?
13:48 GPU mining profitability after ETH 2.0 if 50% of hashrate is ASICs
14:18 Even more Ethereum hashrate will go away (not just ASICs)
15:06 What will mining profitability be after ETH 2.0 if 67% hashrate is lost
16:38 Why GPU mining will always be profitable (even after ETH 2.0)
17:15 Coin price increase makes it MUCH MORE profitable mining after Eth 2.0
18:45 Why GPU mining profitability doesn’t matter (part 2)
20:39 Final results! Profitability GPU mining after Ethereum 2.0

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