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FREE Drone Certification Study Guide: FAA Part 107 sUAS Test

Get certified as a commercial drone pilot so you can make some money! This is our FREE, comprehensive study guide for the FAA Part 107 sUAS Drone Certification.

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Correction: ATIS broadcasts weather, active runways, NOTAM, etc. Not rental cars.


0:51 Why you want the FAA Part 107 Drone Certification
1:17 Overview of taking the test
3:07 Why is none of this relevant to flying a drone
4:35 Drone laws & numbers
14:29 Airspace (Class A, B, C, D, etc.)
20:05 Radio frequencies
23:03 Pilot’s alphabet/Aviation alphabet
26:34 Airplane physics (center of gravity, lift, stalling, etc)
32:10 Sectional charts (those airspace maps)
48:02 Military Operations Areas (MOAs)
48:55 Restricted Areas
49:02 Military Training Routes (MTR/IR/VFR)
50:17 Latitude & Longitude
55:57 Airports
56:44 Runway patterns
58:45 Runway markings
1:04:08 Documents
1:04:14 User Manual
1:04:36 Maintenance Schedule
1:05:29 Sectional Charts
1:06:06 Chart Supplement
1:06:47 NOTAM (Notices to Airmen)
1:07:53 METAR (Meteorological Aviation Report)
1:08:12 TAF (Terminal Aerodrome Forecast)
1:08:15 Reading a METAR report
1:16:33 Reading a TAF report
1:23:17 Weather
1:28:47 Team & Crew Management
1:29:00 Visual Observer (VO)
1:29:28 Remote Pilot in Command (Remote PIC)
1:30:20 Crew Resource Management (CRM) also at 1:37:06
1:30:52 Risk (Hyperventilating, Alcohol, Hangovers
1:33:29 Scanning the Sky
1:34:23 Personality Traits (Macho, Impulsivity, Invulnerability, Resignation, Anti-authority)
1:37:06 Crew Resource Management (CRM)
1:39:00 Testing Tips

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  • I knew absolutely nothing when I signed up for my unmanned aircraft test. I watched the first 1 hour and 24 mins of this video one time and took some notes the night before my test. I then studied my notes for about 10 mins before taking my test the next morning and passed my test on the first try. Thank you!

  • Thank you Tony. Love your channel. Keep it up.

  • Thanks for this content Tony…I watched it twice over a couple of days and passed my test on the first try with an 88%. I can now unleash the Air2s! Thanks again!!

  • Just finished taking the exam 5-25-2022 and passed with a 83%. I would still suggest watching this video and reading through the study guide the FAA provides with a Heavy focus on Sectional Charts. Section charts were a easy half of the exam questions total. Make sure you also hit the new stuff they implemented that everyone that has recently taken it says including night time regulations, Operating over people/moving vehicles and Remote ID. Other then that you should be good. Rest of the exam is the picky detailed questions and some were easy honestly. Also, when doing the Sectional Chart questions USE THE LEDGEND at the front of the book. That helps big time.

    Good Luck

  • Just took my test a couple of days ago, passed with a 90% without any prior knowledge. Just watched this video a couple of times and took a few online practice tests with the updated information – still useful in 2022! Don't listen to others trying to scare you into paying for a class.

  • Silly question, what is the policy on cannabis use since most states have decriminalized it, and states on the West Coast have it for sale retail just like a liquor store. In fact it's regulated in Oregon by the OLCC. Since there's no class 3 medical or UA involved in a drone license what's the deal?

  • I watched most of this video and took a couple practice test. My total study time was probably less than 3 or 4 hours and I passed the test with a 77%.
    Thanks for the video.

  • God bless you this is a great review video and u explained evrything well

  • 0.55 lbs? Why? Well it is 250 grams

  • Thanks for your amazing explanation but i'm wondering if this can be good in 2022 ?

  • Very helpful Tony, thank you. I did chuckle a little at your description of ATIS – "…which might have information about rental cars…" ATIS is aviation information only. Which runways are in use, wind direction and speed, ceiling (clouds), visibility, special alerts like obstacles, ILS out of svc, etc. At airports that have ATIS, pilots (not drones) are required to listen to ATIS before contacting clearance delivery, ground control, or the tower, and let them know that you have ATIS information Bravo, Charlie, etc. ATC will commonly refuse clearance to taxi, let alone take off, if you don't have the current ATIS information. But again, thank you for this and other countless videos that we all learn from.

  • 9:16 You said "if the clouds are at 600 feet, you would only be able to fly up to 200 feet." that would put you 400 feet below the clouds. Other than that, this video has been a major help to pass my test. Thank you!

  • This was quite excellent. Thank you 🙏

  • Thank you for your video but don't forget to mention that this video will help you only for the 60% of the test. there are many other things that you need to know in order to pass the test.

  • I saved myself 359$ by watching this video. Thank you Tony. You’re the man!

  • Where can we find the practice test?

  • Thanks so much for this video, I just passed with an 85%

  • Is this video still good after 5 years!?

  • After about 15 minutes I started computing all of the money you have saved people. 2.3M views maybe 10% would try and take the test without studying, most can't dry study and retain it and need to listen/watch a tutorial..they are charging between $150/instruction class avg yada yada.. then half your video was done and I had to start over HA! Thank you so much for this

  • well, i wish i could say this video was enough, it definately was very useful, but i used this video and the practice tests from the website and got a 60% on the test… womp womp. there were a lot of questions not talked about in this video on on the practice test from FAA's website

  • 85% first try thanks Tony!!

  • This guy. He's nice, I like him. Lol

  • is this video still accurate to take the test in 2022?

  • Dude, I like your tutorials, they are exceptional, exactly what I need, the best on the internet. I can't recommend your channel enough! Outstanding work!

  • Tony, a huge huge thank you for your training, I passed with a 88 yesterday because you! thank you again sir.

  • I just got back from taking my 107 and …….83%!!!! Thank you for the video, so very helpful.

  • 5yr info. Subscribed for this. Amazing value. Hopefully not much has changed in 5 years.

  • Thank you for making this video!!! Pretty extensive and I appreciate you digging in on this one.

  • Passed my test yesterday… after 5 yrs it`s still a good video even if FAA made some update in their rules. Thanks

  • Thanks Tony & Chelsea! Your video was the 1st I watched in my self pace studies, which lasted about a week. Today I passed with 98%, which equates to one wrong. It was a question about ceilings. I selected the answer that did not include an obstruction and only included the cloud deck. This was incorrect because if you're flying indoors there just might be an obstruction instead of clouds. Of course I have liked this video and subbed to your channel.

  • Learned so much watching thus far

  • Watched this twice and passed it with a 92.

  • Outstanding summary of the need to know, probably the fastest down and dirty on weather I have watched, great for beginners and serious students! Great job, most impressed with your background, delivery, and overall relativity!

  • Just passed with an 87%. This video helped me a lot. Watch it 4 or 5 times and study the newer stuff and you'll be good to go.

  • Extremely helpful. Very well produced. Thank you!

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