Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Destiny 2: FAST & EASY "Birthplace of the Vile" Grandmaster Nightfall Guide!

Guide for how to beat the Birthplace of the Vile Grandmaster Nightfall as FAST & EASY as possible in Destiny 2! Best Loadouts & Tips for farming the Adept Duty Bound Roll and Exotics!

New #Destiny2 video, Showcasing the guide for the birthplace of vile Grandmaster Nightfall The Ordeal during Season of the Risen during the Witch Queen DLC (year 5) of Destiny 2! The new Witch Queen DLC is here! It provides a new campaign, new weapons, new exotic quests, and so much more! But today, we are going over the best Grandmaster Nightfall Loadouts (witch includes a Titan Build, Hunter Build, and Warlock Build) utilizing the best PvE Weapons and Best Exotics, and the best tips and nightfall cheese in order to farm the current GM Nightfall this week! And the nightfall loot this week includes the Adept Duty Bound Auto Rifle! This is arguably the best PvE auto rifle in destiny 2!

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