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Cyclins and cdks cell cycle regulation

This lecture explains about the cyclins cdks and cell cycle regulation. So in this video I have explained the role of cell division cyclins and cdks and how cyclins and cdk performs important steps of cell cycle regulation. Cdks are also known as the cyclin dependent kinase proteins. Regulation of cell cycle is done using specific cyclin cdk complex. There are specific cyclin cdk complex for each and every step of cell cycle like s phase cyclin. M phase cyclin and the cdk partners are also specific for each cyclin. So this specific cyclin cdk complex help the cell to move through G1 phase to m phase of cell cycle and cell division completion. Stay tuned to know answers to the following questions –
What is cyclin?
What are cyclin proteins?
What are cdk proteins?
Role of cdk?
Role of cyclins?
What are cyclin dependent kinase?
How cyclin dependent kinase work?
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Thank you for watching the video lecture on cyclin and cdks and cell cycle and the role of cdks and cyclins in cell cycle regulation.


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