Monday, May 20, 2024

Crypto Mining: Using 10 Smartphones To Create a Mining fARMy

Mining farm + ARM architecture + Army of devices = fARMy!

This is a video documenting my experience in setting up a farm of ARM devices (i.e. Android phones in this case) that I use for crypto mining. ARM/ARM64 devices are much more efficient than traditional x86/x64 Desktop and even Server CPUs, running faster and requiring less power. In this video my 10x phone setup (using 30watts of power) has a hash-rate over 3 times as powerful as my 40-core Dell R810 Server (using 2400watts of power).

Tutorial on Setting up Noso Mining:

Duke’s Quick Tips – How To Keep Your Phone Awake While Mining:

NosoGo Miner:

NosoGo Wallet:

Charging Station (96W version):


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