Sunday, December 3, 2023

Could This Asset Based DeFi Coin Compete With Bitcoin and Ethereum?

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Energy (NRGY) is a digital asset where every holder adds capital directly into a liquidity pool that backs its value. There are No influencer giveaways, developer cuts or hardware mining that gives one user a built-in price advantage over another. This fair economics is the recipe for a deeply liquid and popular financial asset.
Energy (NRGY) is the limited elastic supply of NRGY. Minting is controlled by the amount of capital added to Market Maker Staking contract. New supply only increases as more capital backs $NRGY liquidity. More capital into the system means more supply.
Energy is the first DeFi app hosted on the Interplanetary File System (IPFS).This is a truly decentralized application that has no central servers to maintain or that can fail. This also makes NRGY the first unstoppable Defi App.
Energy is a Defi App store and ecosystem where users purchase breakthrough Apps. And developers gain new users. Creators share part of the revenues not with a centralized entity but instead with a decentralized community of NRGY holders inside its Market Minting Contract. Just one blockbuster application in its store could be enough to propel the market value of NRGY.
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