Sunday, May 26, 2024

COMPLETE Sivir Guide [Season 12] in less than 5 minutes | League of Legends (Guide)

In this Sivir guide, you will learn about the BEST runes, items and strategies for Sivir in season 12.

0:00 Sivir Strengths and Weaknesses
0:44 Sivir Abilities Guide
3:09 Sivir Runes Guide
4:04 Sivir Items Guide

I hope you’ve enjoyed this new updated Sivir guide:)

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  • FYI: The in-depth Sivir video is still in the making, so the link on the screen at the end of this video is something else for now;)

  • Idk man, there's a reason 99% of the pro build lethality. Crit sivir takes WAY too long to come online. Even outside the pro scene, 99% of the Sivir OTP build Lethality. It's so much safer and comes online much sooner.

  • A few points.
    1. Fleet Footwork is a garbage rune, the sustain is poor and the MS isn't all that incredibly important since Sivir already has good MS to run down or away from just about anyone.
    2. Press the Attack is a better rune for all stages of the game, for Sivir her E lets her get 3 attacks off very quickly, allowing you to stack PTA for the burst of damage, and following up with Q to deal even more.
    3. The build lacks survivability, at all. 6th item being lifesteal will be too little too late and there is no Grievus Wounds (Mortal Reminder) which is paramount in todays game. Fleet isn't going to heal enough or often enough during trades or fights.

    Lethality Sivir with Dark Harvest is also just plain OP right now (DH Lethality builds in general) as it allows her to scale at all parts of the game. Yes it relies on her Q more then just autos, but it solves a lot of issues with her, mainly, range. She can poke and get DH stacks early, turning into more damage later on. Many people will know of the pain that is a DH Sivir when they get sniped by a max range Q and the proc just nukes them.

  • i absolutely love sivir, but especially in low elo i just find lethality to be so much easier to use than crit, even though i like it less…

    Between seryldas slow, duskblade invis and your Q range, you are just so insanely safe and an insane kiter on lethality, while twoshotting most squishies if both parts of q connect.
    really gotta get more games in with crit sivir i guess.

  • I run lethality aery build and went 10-0 with it after picking up the champ. I feel like the damage safety is much more useful for low elo since its literal perma ARAM so basically turning sivir into a jayce with extra steps. For fun, my friends ran an ezreal support bot and jayce top. With superior waveclear its just brainless and safe permashove. Late game and mid game is a poke game to push enemy off and take objectives.

  • It was a good guide, maybe you could say on the Q part that you can hit it easier if the oponent is near to a wall but apart from that it was a nice video. Good to know someone also knows this champ is hidden op.

  • Cringe at 1:40. Lethality works best against a squishy team.

  • Nice try guy, I wouldn't expect a Miss Fortune main to understand the extreme complexity and subtlety of Sivir.

    Jkjk, this guide seems pretty good.

  • I press like button to make it 69, it's a childish act but it's worth it

  • I personally like rushing Essence Reaver then picking up a Mythic after.

  • i still belive she lack damage late like with MF i can one shot almost every thing with same items as crit sevir and her lethality is fine but need to hit those Q any way sevir it s a pick when u want to farm and be safe JUST perfect for that (like a veigar/ seraphine bot ) she is even safer than ezrael cuz she clear wave soo fast

  • i also like crit sivir more 🙂

  • Keep them coming sir 😩😩😩😩

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