Thursday, July 18, 2024

Coin of the Day, Altcoins, Meme Coin, Metaverse, NFT, Bitcoin, DeFi

Coins mentioned in video with up to 50% discount on trading fees here:

TOP Crypto Exchanges
1. / Binance (Biggest on the market)
2. / (A lot of new and unique coins)
3. / gives you a 50 USDT reward (London Stock Exchange Engine for margin trading)
4. to sign up for and we both get $25 USD (Supercharger for CRO holders)

1. – OpenSea (Largest NFT Marketplace)

TOP Swap and Defi Exchanges
1. – Uniswap
2. – PancakeSwap

This is coin of the day series video:
00:00-00:11 – Best Altcoin of the Day
00:11-00:23 – Best Meme Coin of the Day
00:23-00:35 – Best Metaverse of the Day
00:35-00:47 – Best NFT of the Day
00:47-00:58 – Best Fan Coin of the Day
00:58-01:22 – Best DeFi of the Day


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